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This system lets you dry up to ten doors on both sides on top of each other by placing them on wood blocks with long stainless steel screws for easy handling.

We been selling our systems since 2008 to several thousand satisfied painters.

Door Painting System for doors from 30 to over 100 lbs , paint and dry on both sides at the same time! Patent Pending 15007057

Learn how this system saves you time and space :

(Customer Review)
I have been using the heavy door rack for a bit over a year now and I must say it is a God send. I do a lot of custom repaint jobs and don’t have the space to dry doors like when a house is new and no one lives in it. The door rack saves me space for drying and makes painting all the doors easy. I just ordered another set because of how much it saves me time.
Rojo’s Painting
Fresno, California
rojospainting@hotmail.comMay 17, 2017 RickRojo's Painting, Like Having A Few Extra Employees
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Speed up your production by 50%

The system is built of strong redwood blocks

This system lets you paint doors on both sides at the same time, by either installing 2 center blocks that create a swivel system for heavy doors, just like in the video, or by attaching 4 independent blocks where the painters can turn the door by hand, both methods are illustrated in the videos above (horses not included).

The manual turning system, is for lighter doors that can be turned by hand. This sytem uses four 5″ holding screws per door.

The swivel system, creates an easy way of painting both sides for doors that are too heavy to turn. This system uses four 5″ holding screws and two 5″ swivel screws in the middle per door.

The handle-screws come in 2 sections:
The wood-penetrating screws are inserted only 2 inches and leave a small hole.

Attached to the wood-penetrating screw, is a 5″ long stainless steel bolt-screw, that makes transporting the door very easy.

This only needs to be done 5 to 10% of the time if a very heavy coat is required on both sides.

How to spray both sides with a heavy coat of paint

Apply the primer and first coat on both sides just like in the videos. Then, apply a heavy coat on the back side of the doors, store them on the Dry Block System for a day of two. Then, apply a heavy coat on the second side.

The fastest way on how to install the screws its shown in the video below:

  • Door Swivel Block Holder

    Door Swivel Block Holder

  • Light Door Spray Blocks

    Light Door Spray Blocks

  • Ten 5″ Swivel Screws

    Ten 5″ Swivel Screws

  • Ten Door System with Spray Blocks

    Ten Door System with Spray Blocks

  • Ten Door Drying System without Spray Blocks

    Ten Door Drying System without Spray Blocks

  • Two Door System with Spray blocks

    Two Door System with Spray blocks

  • Five Door Dry Blocks

    Five Door Dry Blocks

  • This is one of the four towers build of redwood

    This is one of the four towers build of redwood, each block is connected by stainless steel pins

Jobsite video

• I have been painting for 43 years and have my own painting business for over thirty five years

• Trying to paint heavy doors, spraying one side one day & the other side the following day is tricky and messy

• The storage problem  further complicates the whole process

• This experience led me to design this one of a kind Door Painting System that paints both sides effortlessly, as well as storing them in our unique Drying Rack

• The premise is to have an easy, clean, space effective unit without wasting valuable time setting up the device

–Jake Schaerer, Inventor