Patent Number 8066267


The only door painting system that lets you paint and dry both sides at the same time for cabinets, regular doors, shutters, windows, shelves & more!


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The way it works:
The edges of the door are placed on the bent rods, resulting in minimum contact & therefore allows one to paint both sides at the same time    Watch Videos
How is it possible to leave no marks
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“I just wanted to write to tell you that our painting company purchased two racks last year for our very busy spray shop. We absolutely love the ease of use and the quality of this system. It has made such a difference in our level of time and space. The system allows us to stack several at a time in a very small space to work much more efficiently than before. The cabinet door grip holders work so well in transporting the pieces without leaving any marks on the freshly painted surfaces. Thank you so much!
S.R. Tracy Painting Contractor
About 4 months ago we purchased the Door Rack Painter system in an effort to more efficiently complete cabinet painting jobs. We have now used the racks on numerous jobs and couldn’t be happier with the results. They are compact, easy to transport, and require very little space in the customers home. I’d highly recommend them!
Sarah Ross, Fresh Coat

Speed up your production by 50%

The Racks are very strong, light and mobile; easy to use

• I have been painting for 43 years and have my own painting business for over thirty years

• Trying to paint cabinet doors and regular doors spraying one side one day & the other side the following day is tricky and messy

• The storage problem  further complicates the whole process

• This experience led me to design this one of a kind Door Rack Painting System that paints both sides effortlessly, as well as
storing them in our unique Drying Rack

• The premise is to have an easy, clean, space effective unit without wasting valuable time setting up the device

–Jake Schaerer, Inventor
Door Rack Painter
Other systems
Spray Rack
Capable of spraying both sides at the same time
Most other systems only
have storage racks
Paint both sides of cabinet doors and regular doors
Painting both sides speeds production by 50%
Most systems can only paint one side of the
Paints doors horizontally
Spraying and storing up to 18 cabinet doors or 9 regular doors horizontally secures a professional finish
Some use vertical storage which causes runs
Stain cabinet doors and regular doors on both sides
There is no contact with freshly stained surface
Placing freshly stained cabinet doors on top of rods will leave marks
Storing long rods, sidings, baseboards, crown moldings as long as 30 feet
Our system is versatile and can accomodate variable lenghts to dry
Most other door storage systems don’t have that extra capability
Easy to move around
Easy to use
Bulky and not practical
Less expensive than other systems
All in one system, cabinet, regular doors and long boards shelving system, it becomes the least expensive door painting system
Extra systems have to be purchased
10 years parts replacement warranty

Racks can be returned if not used and in the same conditions as received, in the same shipping box; we will charge 25% stocking fee of the total purchase and the shipping fee.