The best regular & cabinet door painting system that will give an excellent horizontally sprayed loaded up a smooth finish.
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Door Rack Painter™ 
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Using the Door Rack Painter - 18 Door Dry Rack

  • Store 18 cabinet doors wet on both sides
  • Strong aluminum rods are bent at an angle that minimizes contact
  • Store 9 regular hollow doors up to 30 lbs each painted on both sides
  • Adjustable – accommodates any size cabinet doors, or regular doors
18 Door Dry Rack

The 18 Door Dry Rack includes

  • 2 Rack frames
  • 72 Aluminum rods with red and black plastic caps for the dry rack, and 4 for the spray rack. +1 Extra
Cabinet doors in Dry Rack

Stores 18 cabinet doors

Adjustable lenght

Regular doors in Dry Rack

Stores 9 regular doors

Up to 35 lbs each

Stained windows in 18 door dry racks

Using the Door Rack Painter

• There is minimum contact on the edge of the door, enabling both sides to be painted and stored without disturbing the wet paint.

• Depending on the corners of the cabinet doors you could have a little spot on the edge that can easily be touched up.

• But our experience is that if we apply one coat of primer and two coats of finish enamel paint, most of the edges are free of spots and again if there are any left they can be very easily touched up.

• Spraying clear lacquer or clear polyurethane will not show any spots.

Setting the width before spraying the doors:

Racks can be placed close together for small drawers, that why the racks interlock with each other. For larger doors just spread the racks apart. 

The rods are to be adjusted to accommodate different widths without moving the racks. It is important to do a trial with the thinnest and widest door to ensure they fit without disturbing the set-up.

Small doors or drawers

Medium sized cabinet doors

Large sized cabinet doors, make sure it fits the largest door. 

Adjust the rods in a way that you can accommodate the most doors.

Adjust the racks to fit the regular sized doors

Transporting the doors with grip holders:

Transport the wet cabinet doors as above, holding them at at a 45 degree angle. Ater one coat of primer and 2 coats of satin, the markings are minimal if any, if there are any markings they can be fixed by tapping with a chip or foam brush.

For cabinet doors

18 Cabinet Doors

Spray the backside of any cabinet door first with a nice but not too heavy of a coat, but don’t paint the sides yet:

• Turn the door by yourself or with a partner by just simply holding onto the sides

• Paint the top and the front side of the cabinet door as heavy as you like.

• Take the cabinet door grip holder in to your hands and hold them on a 45 degree angle on the inside edges of the door (the least visible).

• From here you transport the door painted on both sides to the dry rack.

This method works excellent for cabinet doors.

For regular doors

• On Regular doors use a 5 to 6″ wood screw to make it easy to turn the doors and transport them over to the dry rack.

• It takes about 30 seconds to screw in four screws and the same time to remove them.

• It takes even less time to fill in the four small holes and give it a quick touch up.

• There is a 35 pound per door limit, which is good for regular doors

Regular sized doors


The number one question we get: Are you leaving any marks when spraying both sides?

Always paint the back-side first. On the back-side, apply a light coat of paint, as if the door was sprayed vertically, to avoid drips when turning the door upside down.

Don’t spray the sides yet, grab from the sides with fingers and turn the door around.

The least important part of the door is the back edge. Now the painted side will lay, because of gravity, on the bent rods, resulting in minimum contact on the back edge of the interior side.

Spray the front and the sides. Utilize the grip holders (big or small) to transport. The reason why they are called grip holders is that it allows transporting a totally wet door holding the back edge of the door at a 45° without slipping with minimal marks. Now the doors are ready to be laid on the drying rack remembering to position the rods for the next door.

On the primer coat, is acceptable that you find small marks on the edges. After  2 to 3 coats of paint have been applied, marks that need touchup are very minimal. Any possible marks are only on the backside edge (the least important part) and can be easily touched up. Using a chip or foam brush tap the edge with the tip.

When spraying a semi-gloss or gloss finish it’s nice to load up both sides and not have a thin coat on the inside.

After spraying on both sides the primer and the first finish coat, spray the final coat on each side separately using the top of the spray rack.

Time is being saved by painting the primer and first finish coat on both sides. And completely avoiding any markings by spraying the last coat separately.

The Rotating Spray Rack and 18 Door Dry Rack enables you to paint cabinet doors.

The Regular Spray Rack and 18 Door Dry Rack combo enables painters to spray and store any cabinet doors and hollow regular doors.

Actual job sites

There are many satisfied painting contractors using the Door Rack Painter all over the world.

Since both sides are being painted, the system pays for itself in no-time. Other systems in which you can only store on one side, can drag out your job twice as long.

By painting the cabinet door horizontally on both sides one automatically gets a better finish thanks to gravity on the front side of the door. If the final coat is separately applied it gives the full effect of a horizontal full finish without any marks on both sides.

The ongoing storage problem that every painter encounters with cabinet doors is finally solved. With the Door Rack Painter you could store 100+ doors in half the size of a single garage. Try to hang up 100 doors vertically in a small area like this, impossible. Other storage systems take up a lot more space since you can only paint one side at the time.

There’s no need to install anything, no hooks, no brackets, no strings attached to the doors. You come to the job site, set up, remove the doors, prep and start spraying.

Many painters have shared that the homeowner will comment that they look very professional thanks to the Door Rack Painter, the same goes for paint shops. It immediately organizes your work area and creates a lot more workspace for you.

It is important to wipe down the paint on the spray racks every third to fourth door you paint, with either a moist thinner rag or a moist water rag to avoid paint build up.



This item is intended for a professional painters that are painting a high volume of doors.

Please make sure to understand the value and benefit in this painting system before buying.