• I am originally from Switzerland and have been painting for over 45 years. I been running my own painting business for over thirty five years in San Diego CA.

• Trying to paint cabinet and heavy doors, spraying one side one day then the other side the next day is very time consuming. Plus painters at job sites or paint shops don’t have the space to handle that many doors.

• Our system solves the ongoing storage problem and speeds up your production by up to 50%

•I was dealing with the same problems in my own painting business. This made me design one of a kind Door Painting System. One for cabinets door and the other for regular and heavy doors. Both our systems let you paints both sides effortlessly, as well as storing them in our unique Drying Racks

• The premise is to have an easy, clean, space effective unit without wasting valuable time setting up the device is essential.

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You can call us toll free 877-331-RACK (7225)
Email; Best@DoorRackPainter.com
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Please ask us any question and we will get back to you within a couple of hours.Jake Schaerer, Inventor