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Spray & store 50 cabinet doors, 18 of them can be any size. You can also spray 9 regular hollow doors. All the doors can be sprayed and stored wet on both sides at the same time


(Combo) Spray and store 30
cabinet doors wet on both
sides at the same time

(Combo) Spray and store 18
cabinet doors wet on both
sides at the same time

(Combo) Spray and store 18 cabinet doors any size or 9 regular hollow doors wet on both sides at the same time

Let’s you store 30 cabinet doors, up to 26" wide

Let’s you store 18 cabinet doors any size, or 9 regular hollow doors

Rotating Spray rack.
Spray both sides

Spray any size cabinet doors and regular hollow doors both sides, same time

Extra cabinet door grip holders. Transport the cabinet doors wet


The Door Rack Painter is the best tool for cabinet painters. It allows you to paint and store doors wet on both sides at the same time. Saves you time and space. Buying the correct sized system is important to fully optimize your production.

Even though is 73 lbs, It can be easily transported in 5 separate pieces (4 poles and the base). It can be assembled within minutes in the job site.

Spray System and drying racks

I recently purchased a rotating spray system and 3 drying racks, I do kitchens full time and every kitchen refinishing job I do this system saves me 1.5 days as compared to drying 1 side at a time. I think it is fantastic and very happy I added this to my shop. Jake is great to work with and will give you all the advise needed to make the right decision.

Doug Hyland Tampa Florida

Space and time saving

I purchased these racks because I had a kitchen cabinet glazing job coming up. Although they are meant primarily for those painters who use sprayers in their work, I do old fashioned faux glazing finishes all done by hand – brush, rag wiping, cheesecloth etc. Still, the innovative, space saving design made the job so much easier. I will purchase another dry rack very soon! Highly recommended!


Eric Marx Long Beach CA

Great product and Service

Not only is it a great product but great service as well! I called on a Friday to order. When asked when I was starting the job I told Jake that I was picking up the doors and drawers on Monday. It was already afternoon and he was not at the office but he told me that he would make sure it went out that day so I can raceive them by Tuesday . I was surprised when they came in on Monday! A day early! Great service!

Ardavan Phoenix, Arizona