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Spray & store 50 cabinet doors, 18 of them can be any size . You can also spray 9 regular hollow doors. All the doors can be sprayed and stored wet on both sides at the same time


(Combo) Spray and store 30
cabinet doors wet on both
sides at the same time

(Combo) Spray and store 18
cabinet doors wet on both
sides at the same time

(Combo) Spray and store 18 cabinet doors any size or 9 regular hollow doors wet on both sides at the same time

Let’s you store 30 cabinet doors, up to 26" wide

Let’s you store 18 cabinet doors any size, or 9 regular hollow doors

Rotating Spray rack.
Spray both sides

Spray any size cabinet doors and regular hollow doors both sides, same time

Extra cabinet door grip holders. Transport the cabinet doors wet


These painting racks are essential

“If you want to spray doors and cabinets like a pro, these painting racks are essential. After getting my first set of spray and drying racks I quickly realized that there would be no more leaning doors against walls and spraying one side at a time, and no more week long cabinet spraying projects. It was quite a relief. The first time we brought on our painting racks to a custom home build, they were drawing attention and everyone wanted to see how it worked.
Once we started spraying the detailed doors, it was a matter of minutes until we had our doors sprayed and drying on the racks. It’s great how you can quickly turn any room into a spray room, because these racks hold every door or cabinet neatly one over another. I’m glad I stumbled across this great painting tool, it helps our company provide the quality work we require to put us ahead of our competitors.”

Spraying cabinets both sides from Olivier Durand on Vimeo.


Olivier Durand Living Colour Painters, Hamilton, Ontario Canada

Door Racks

I cannot say enough about this door rack system. I have the 18 door rack, the rotating spray rack, and two 30 door racks. They are the best!!
Corrie Leister

Corrie Leister

Not too shabby lady

We paint kitchen cabinets at a high volume and I can’t even describe how life changing these racks were!!! I just ordered a second rack and am beyond thrilled with the excellent customer service!!! Highly recommend this company if you’re looking for a way to make your job/work more efficient!

Antoinette Jupiter, Florida