The only door painting system that lets you paint and dry both sides at the same time for cabinets, regular doors, shutters, windows, shelves & more!

Make more money and create more space on your next cabinet painting job with the 18 and 30 level dry racks!

Four good reasons for using the Door Rack Painter

Since you spray both sides, the system pays for itself in no time. Other systems in which you can only store on one side, can drag out your job twice as long.

First, you paint the cabinet door horizontally on both sides. You automatically get a better finish thanks to gravity on the front side of the door. If you spray your final coat separately you’ll have the full effect of a horizontal full finish without any marks on both sides.

Second, you just solved the ongoing storage problem that every painter encounters with cabinet doors. With our system you could store 100+ doors in half the size of single garage. Try to hang up 100 doors vertically in a small area like this, impossible. Other storage systems take up a lot more space, since you can only paint one side at the time.

Third, you don’t have to install anything, no hooks, no brackets, no strings attached to the doors. You come to the jobsite, set up, remove the doors, prep and start spraying.

There is a fourth benefit to our system, many painters have told us that the homeowner will comment that they look very professional thanks to the Door Rack Painter, the same goes for paint shops. It immediately organizes your work area and creates a lot more workspace for you.

Rotating Spray Rack is intended for cabinet doors only

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Regular Spray Rack for cabinet doors and regular hollow doors

USA 2 to 3, maximum 4 days.
Canada 5 to 8 days
International 6 to 12 days.
Weekends are not included in the above estimated shipping days.

How it works:

For tips and more visit our how-to page

The edges of the door are placed on the bent rods, resulting in minimum contact and therefore allows one to paint both sides at the same time.

Two methods for leaving no marks:

Basically: Always paint the backside first, don't spray the sides yet, grab from the sides ant turn the door around. The least important part of the door is the back edge. Now the painted side will lay, because of gravity, on the bent rods, these will result in minimum contact on the back edge only. Spray the front and the sides. When spraying the sides make sure to aim sideways from above to avoid overspray on the back of the door.

Utilize the grip holders (big or small). The reason why they are called grip holders is because they allow you to hold the back edge of the door on a 45° angle without slipping. Now the doors are ready to be laid on the dry rack and don't forget to position the rods for the next door.

If you put one coat of primer and two coats of finish and let them dry in between, it is acceptable that you find small marks on the edges. This touch up is very minimal, take a chip brush or foam brush and tap the edge with tip of your brush (most of the time it doesn't require any sanding), remember that any possible marks are only on the back side edge. (the least important part) and also remember that it's being sprayed 2 to 3 coats, causing the marking that needs touch up to be very minimal.

Many reviews from painters that are surprised on how little marking there is.

Second method: Follow the steps for spraying the primer and the first coat on both sides. But in your final coat, spray the back side first again, making sure you have no marks from the first two coats. However, if there are any, sand the edge gently with a small piece of 320 sand paper. This should only take seconds. Spray the back side and load it up and place it in dry rack without painting the front. This time let the back side dry to the point where it is not liquid anymore (doesn't need to be super dry). Finally, spray the front side and load it up, and let that dry. This way takes a little longer, but you are saving a ton of time on the primer and first and coat. But, it totally eliminates all marks.

About 70% of the time it is perfectly ok to spray all coats at the same time with a tap of touch up on the back edge and have an excellent finished product. About 30% of the time, especially if you have a high gloss finish or the back edge of the cabinet door doesn’t have a sharp edge and is rounded. It is advised to spray the final coat separately, just like the second method, this way the result will be no marks.



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Our Features


Spray both sides

The rods are bent in an angle that minimizes contact with the door. After 2 or 3 coats little or no touch up is necessary.


Save space and time

With 18 levels it only takes a fraction of the space that other methods take. Works great even in a small room or garage.


Works with many doors

The racks are of a strong build. Holds up to 35 lbs doors and up to 9 regular doors skipping one level due to width of doors.

Works Fantastic

Just ordered another dry rack, this thing is awesome! I was a little worried at first thinking about flipping a wet cabinet door over and spraying the other side but it fricking works! Little to none marks left on the door.


Robert Tucson, AZ

Excellent Product

I recently made my second purchase of the drying racks for cabinet doors and I think they are an excellent product they cut the drying time in half and I would highly recommend them to anyone. My product arrived two days after I purchased it which was great.The Customer Service in this company is excellent and Jake was extremely helpful to me.

Daniel Brogan Quincy MA

Best rack!

The door rack system has been an excellent addition, it is a money maker! We have used it for cabinets, shutters and many other projects. Customer service is also top notch!

Jamie Phoenix Rising Painting LLC New Park, Pennsylvania

Satisfied Customers

Hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers all over the world.

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Door Rack Painter

Other systems

Spray Rack

Capable of spraying both sides at the same time

Most other systems only
have storage racks

Paint both sides of cabinet doors and regular doors

Painting both sides speeds production by 50%

Most systems can only paint one side of the door

Paints doors horizontally

Spraying and storing up to 18 cabinet doors or 9 regular doors horizontally secures a professional finish

Some use vertical storage which causes runs

Stain cabinet doors and regular doors on both sides

There is no contact with freshly stained surface

Placing freshly stained cabinet doors on top of rods will leave marks

Storing  different sized cabinet doors

Our system is versatile and can accomodate variable lenghts to dry

Most other door storage systems don’t have that extra capability

Easy to move around

Easy to use

Bulky and not practical

Save money

All in one system, cabinet, regular doors allows you to paint and store wet on both sides save yp to 50% in laborc costs

Extra systems have to be purchased


5 years parts replacement warranty

Racks can be returned if not used and in the same conditions as received, in the same shipping box; we will charge 25% stocking fee of the purchase fee. No refund on shipping.