Cabinet Door Painting System

Rotating Spray Rack is intended for cabinet doors only

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Regular Spray Rack for cabinet doors and regular hollow doors

If you order an extra Dry Rack with this purchase we give you a $25 dollar refund on each extra Dry Rack after purchase within 2 hours!

Make more money and create more space on your next cabinet painting job!

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Find out why the Door Rack Painter saves you so much more time than the traditional storage devices:

Our Features

The only door painting system that lets you paint and dry both sides at the same time for cabinets, regular doors, shutters, windows, shelves & more!


Spray both sides

The rods are bent in an angle that minimizes contact with the door. After 2 or 3 coats little or no touch up is necessary.


Save space and time

With 18 levels it only takes a fraction of the space that other methods take. Works great even in a small room or garage.


Works with many doors

The racks are of a strong build. Holds up to 35 lbs doors and up to 9 regular doors skipping one level due to width of doors.

The way it works:

The edges of the door are placed on the bent rods, resulting in minimum contact & therefore allows one to paint both sides at the same time    Watch Videos

How is it possible to paint both sides with no marks:


Has changed the whole way my business operates

Wow this drying rack system has changed the whole way my business will operate . Being able to turn over work faster is what helps growth and it can now be done with the door rack painter . To do in and out of a cabinet door has never been easier and the technique is very easy to learn .
This product is gold and totally worth. The investment ..


Leigh Just like new kitchen resurfacing Australia

These painting racks are essential

“If you want to spray doors and cabinets like a pro, these painting racks are essential. After getting my first set of spray and drying racks I quickly realized that there would be no more leaning doors against walls and spraying one side at a time, and no more week long cabinet spraying projects. It was quite a relief. The first time we brought on our painting racks to a custom home build, they were drawing attention and everyone wanted to see how it worked.
Once we started spraying the detailed doors, it was a matter of minutes until we had our doors sprayed and drying on the racks. It’s great how you can quickly turn any room into a spray room, because these racks hold every door or cabinet neatly one over another. I’m glad I stumbled across this great painting tool, it helps our company provide the quality work we require to put us ahead of our competitors.”

Spraying cabinets both sides from Olivier Durand on Vimeo.


Olivier Durand Living Colour Painters, Hamilton, Ontario Canada

I’m so glad I bought the rack!

This is a great system! I let my friend who is a painting contractor who had previously owned a cabinet making business try it out, and he was equally impressed. Jake was generous with his time. I’m going to buy another rack.

Steve Montrose California

Satisfied Customers

Hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers all over the world.

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Door Rack Painter

Other systems

Spray Rack

Capable of spraying both sides at the same time

Most other systems only
have storage racks

Paint both sides of cabinet doors and regular doors

Painting both sides speeds production by 50%

Most systems can only paint one side of the door

Paints doors horizontally

Spraying and storing up to 18 cabinet doors or 9 regular doors horizontally secures a professional finish

Some use vertical storage which causes runs

Stain cabinet doors and regular doors on both sides

There is no contact with freshly stained surface

Placing freshly stained cabinet doors on top of rods will leave marks

Storing long rods, sidings, baseboards, crown moldings as long as 30 feet

Our system is versatile and can accomodate variable lenghts to dry

Most other door storage systems don’t have that extra capability

Easy to move around

Easy to use

Bulky and not practical

Less expensive than other systems

All in one system, cabinet, regular doors and long boards shelving system, it becomes the least expensive door painting system

Extra systems have to be purchased


5 years parts replacement warranty

Racks can be returned if not used and in the same conditions as received, in the same shipping box; we will charge 25% stocking fee of the total purchase and the shipping fee.