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Patent Number US8066267B2

Heavy Door Painting System Info

Spray doors up to 100 lbs on both sides at the same time, attaching four 5″ stainless steel holding screws

    • For heavy doors
      • Use the two spray swivel block system and swivel screws (Shown in the first video) allowing for easy turning
    • For lighter doors
      • Use the 4 spray blocks that attach to the saw-horse, which is turned by hand (second video)
  • Store wet on both sides 
    • Stack doors using wood blocks 
    • For 10 doors up to 100 lbs each

Make more money and create more space on your next-door painting job!

Larry Gianatti
Larry Gianatti
August 27, 2016 LG Painting, Telluride, CO
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The door rack system expedited painting heavy doors and ensured the best quality finish. No more building vertical door racks. I will be purchasing another rack system after seeing how efficient and easy it is to use.
RickMay 17, 2017 Rojo's Painting Fresno, California
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I have been using the heavy door rack for a bit over a year now and I must say it is a God send. I do a lot of custom repaint jobs and don’t have the space to dry doors like when a house is new and no one lives in it. The door rack saves me space for drying and makes painting all the doors easy. I just ordered another set because of how much it saves me time.
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