How does it work?

Cabinet Door Painting Systems

How does it work and how can both sides be painted without leaving major marks and damaging the wet paint on your newly sprayed cabinet door?

The entire system is made for you to paint and store both sides of the door wet with paint, therefore you shorten how long the job will take and save yourself lots of storage space.

Start by always painting the backside of the cabinet door first with a thin vertical coat and not a heavy coat. We recommend that the backside be painted with a thin vertical coat so that when you turn it over the paint does not run or drip. Very similar to if you would paint a door vertically.

Don’t paint the sides of the door when painting the backside so that you can turn the door around by holding the edge with your fingers. When turned around it will be placed back onto the bent aluminum rods. The contact with the inside edge of the door will be minimal. Now you will spray the front and the sides of the cabinet door.

Then take the yellow cabinet door grip holders and hold them at a 45-degree angle (again on the inside edge of the door) place them onto the dry rack. When placing the doors on the dry rack rods, just lay them down gently without moving them after they touch the rods. If the door is not placed straight or is a little sideways it doesn’t matter.

When this system is used correctly your cabinet door will only sit on the least important part of the door, the inside edge. After you apply primer and two coats of finish paint you might have tiny marks on that inside edge. At this time, you can use a chip brush with a little paint and just tap the marked edge and they will disappear.

If you feel like you want to load up both sides of the door (especially with a glossy sheen finish), simply just paint the final coat only on the backside first and let that dry before loading up the front side. This will eliminate any markings. 

The Wooden Rod add-on for the 30 door dry rack comes in handy for doors that are only painted on one side at the time. This works especially good for final coat.

With a satin finish, you can paint all the coats on both sides, with a gloss sheen we prefer to only paint one side at a time on the final coat.

You will never touch a wet door with your hand.

There is never any contact with the front of the cabinet door.

The four bend aluminum rods and the cabinet door grip holders will have contact only on the inside edge of the cabinet door.

Our system makes cabinet painting simple by letting you paint both sides of the door at the same time horizontally without disturbing the paint job. Therefore, the time and space saved by spraying both sides of the door is priceless.

This simple reason explains why the Door Rack Painter saves so much time. Most finishes must be stored overnight before being recoated. Mathematically with three coats painting each side will take six nights to dry, if you paint both sides at same the time it will take three nights.

Our system replaces at least one employee by speeding up production and making cabinet door painting much easier. The only difference, this system will not ask for wages and workmans’ comp and will always show up.

Patent Number US8066267B2

Door Rack Painter wishes you lots of success in your cabinet painting business