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Apollo HVLP products are of the highest quality, and their guarantees and customer service are superb. Their 4 to 5-year guarantee on the Power and Precision systems and the fine finish the Apollo HVLP sprayers creates is why Door Rack Painter became an Apollo disruptor. With many other quality HVLP sprayers, the material needs to be thinned way down to create finishes without an orange peel. Apollo sprayers will allow you to apply thicker material and still give you that beautiful professional look. Another incredible advantage about the Power and Precision sprayers, the units can be bought as a simple HVLP system. Still, later the same machine can be (upgraded – converted) with a fluid feeding system and with a variety of different size pressure pots.

Located at 10461 Roselle St, San Diego, CA 92121

We try to have many Apollo products in stock. That is why we ship your order within 24 to 72 hours. If we don’t have your item in stock, the Apollo factory and Door Rack Painter are both located in San Diego, CA; therefore, we can pick up whatever you purchased and ship it to you very fast. If you need your order shipped within a specific timeframe, please call us, and we will try to expedite the shipment for you.

If you are located anywhere in Southern California, you have the option of picking up your order at two different locations.

After purchasing either the power or precision combo system, register your product with Apollo and extend the warranty up to four to five years. This kind of long-term warranty is unique in this industry.

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Showing all 20 results