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Apollo PRECISION 5 PRO LE Turbo paint spray system


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The difference in costs between the four systems in the above drop-down link is because of the additional needle/nozzle.

A7700GT-600  bottom spray gun – 7700QT AtomiZer® spray gun with 1.0 mm nozzle set (additional sizes available & sold separately)

A7700QT-600  gravity spray gun – 7700GT AtomiZer® spray gun with 1.0 mm nozzle set (additional sizes available & sold separately)

A7700GT+600  bottom spray gun – 7700QT AtomiZer® spray gun (five-needle/nozzle sizes)

A7700QT+600  gravity spray gun – 7700GT AtomiZer® spray gun (five-needle/nozzle sizes)

Both the above two A7700+GT and the A7700+QT systems include the following five-needle/nozzle sizes.

(1.0mm needle/nozzle)  (1.3mm needle/nozzle) (1.5mm needle/nozzle) (1.8mm needle/nozzle) (2.0mm needle/nozzle)


After purchasing either the power or precision combo system, register your product with Apollo and extend the warranty up to four to five years. This kind of long-term warranty is unique in this industry.

In all the Precision 5 Pro we include this professional 23-piece spray gun cleaning kit with a case, a complete set to clean HVLP paint guns, air tools, gravity, and bottom spray guns with airbrushes.

Apollo PRECISION 5 – PRO LE – More Precision & Power

Industry Leading 5 Year WarrantyThe enhanced power and exclusive features of the PRECISION-5 PRO LE put you in control of the most advanced TrueHVLP™ system for industries and applications demanding precision HVLP technology for the perfect finish. The PRECISION-5 PRO LE can be used for the widest range of coatings, solvent or water base, clear or pigmented as well as specialized materials: faux paints, gelcoat, latex (emulsion), and multi-spec.

Advanced Features

Pressure Control System (PCS™) controls motor speed, voltage, and amperage adjusting automatically for altitude and barometric pressure assuring precise atomizing pressure anywhere.

Unparalleled Power & Efficiency
Delivers 10.0 PSI sealed pressure for optimum atomization. Documented 80+% transfer efficiency and 38% savings on coatings when compared with compressed air systems.

LCD Message Center
Hour Meter, Accurate Pressure to 1/10th PSI, Idling, Filter, and Temperature Warning.


Provide a 45-second auto-idle mode to preserve motor life and long-term reliability while permitting the highest available flow pressure. (U.S. Patent 9,599,117 B2).

Dual automotive paper filters provide advanced air filtration to keep the system running cooler and prolong motor life.

32′ (9.75 meters) Apollo-Flex™ Hose
Quick lightweight alloy couplers on both ends and our exclusive Ultra-Flex™ whip hose at the spray gun end.

Handi-Hold™ Spray Gun Docking Station
Store, hold, or transport your spray gun, or other accessories, safely

Needles / Nozzle Details.

  • 0.5mm for spraying Clear Coats on Cars
  • 0.8mm for spraying thin dyes and stains, base coat on cars
  • 1.0mm for spraying base and metallics on cars, along with most solvent and waterborne finishes on wood
  • 1.3mm for pigmented solvent finishes, some polyurethane.
  • 1.5mm for pigmented waterborne finishes, waterborne polyurethane, latex paint on cabinets and furniture
  • 1.8mm for primers, some latex paint
  • 2.0mm for primers, multi fleck materials
  • 2.5mm for Gelcoat, Dope

2 Year Warranty + 3 additional years if your registration online is completed within 30 days of purchase at

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