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Door Rack Painter
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by Stephen on Door Rack Painter
Time to make money!

I first bought the cabinet door system in 2013 and it was a lifesaver!
Instead of only being able to paint 1 side at a time, I now can eliminate at least 20 hours of labor.
Just purchased another spray rack and drying rack.
Thank you!



by Brian Yaussy with Creations by Brian on Door Rack Painter
These racks have helped us cut down on our project time by 50%

We bought the racks 12/2016 to help speed up our spraying time in the shop for cabinet doors and drawers. These racks have helped us cut down on our project time by 50%. Kitchens used to take around 10 days to complete, now it takes us 5 days in an average kitchen. We did have to buy extra drying racks because the size of the kitchens that we normally do are around 40 pieces. The dry racks hold 18 pieces each. So if your kitchens are on the bigger size buy the extra drying racks from the get go. Loving these racks they make life a lot easier. You really only need one guy to spray an average kitchen in an 1 hour because it’s easy to flip the doors and maneuver.



Creations by Brian


by John Hatfield on Door Rack Painter
Rotating stand - Great product!

I've been meaning to thank you for the rotating paint stand that I bought a few months back. Like the drying racks, it's a real game changer. I can spray doors faster and with even less handling than before, they pay for themselves time and time again.

John Hatfield

United Kingdom

by Mike Danahy on Door Rack Painter

Bought the turn table and spray rack about a year ago. Assembled it, and let it sit till a small project came along. Couldn’t help being kind skeptical. Even with great reviews and video testimonials - I wasn’t sure about it. 8-9 months later, a small little project came along and I got to test this out. Minutes after I started spraying, and placing doors into the rack, I was sold. I had thought this might be kind tippy, or flimsy... I was wrong, this is solid, works amazing. Today I ordered a couple more, and I can’t wait for them to get here.!

Mike Danahy

Ontario, Canada

by Shawn on Door Rack Painter
Can't get enough! Literally! We just ordered a 3rd 30 door rack

We started using these recently and can't believe we had done cabinets any other way. We bought the 30 door combo a month ago and just bought 2 more recommend today. Can't wait to get them in the shop


Sir Paints A Lot

Springfield, OR

by Corrie Leister on Door Rack Painter
Door Racks

I cannot say enough about this door rack system. I have the 18 door rack, the rotating spray rack, and two 30 door racks. They are the best!!

Corrie Leister



by Peter Leahy on Door Rack Painter
Very happy we made the purchase

I purchased the door rack system because we were always scrambling to find a place for doors to dry. Very happy we made the purchase and can't imagine painting without them.

Fine Finishes Painting

North Salem, New York

by Matt Dehaan on Door Rack Painter
Great time AND space saver

Door Racks are awesome. Is it possible to have something that's perfect? I highly doubt it, however, these are as close as I've ever found--purchased or home built. I've tried my fair share of racks and none have been as effective as these.
My biggest concern was leaving dots. I can say these are minimal and are easily remedied. If I end up with issues, that just means my last coat is done 1 side at a time. I typically spray primer and 1st coat--both sides at the same time. For the final coat, if there are no marks, I continue this. If the doors are heavier or have marks for whatever reason, they get a light scuff and then painted 1 side at a time. That still saved you half the labor on the primer and 1st coat which to me is invaluable.

Just purchased 2 more sets to help with completing multiple jobs at the same time and not having to empty a rack prior to starting the next coat!
Thanks Door Rack Painter! Matthew

DeHaan Painting LLC


North Carolina

by Doug Hyland on Door Rack Painter
Spray System and drying racks

I recently purchased a rotating spray system and 3 drying racks, I do kitchens, full time and every kitchen refinishing job I do this system saves me 1.5 days as compared to drying 1 side at a time. I think it is fantastic and very happy I added this to my shop. Jake is great to work with and will give you all the advice needed to make the right decision.

Doug HylandDramatic

Design & Decor LLCTampa,


by Ciaran Cassidy on Door Rack Painter

I recently bought three dry racks and one rotating spray rack. They arrived days after I ordered and I set them up.
I thought there was an issue with the sets and reached out to Jake.
I have to tell you the customer service here is phenomenal. He immeadiately mailed me a new set even before I sent him the picture of the issue, which at the end of the day was my misunderstanding.
They are a great company and I am very happy with the purchase and the efficiency of the set up.

Ciaran Cassidy

Cassidy Decorating

Valhalla, New York

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