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Customer Reviews

Hundreds of reviews from satisfied painting contractors using the Door Rack Painter as far back as 2008

January 27, 2023
Great dry racks!

We have been using door rack painters’ dry racks for a few years now and they have made out cabinet refinishing jobs way more organized and efficient. Big upgrade from our prior make shift system. Jake the owner is always available to answer questions and take the time to talk. Looking forward to purchase the rotating spray rack next! Keep up the good work Jake

New York

Greg owner / operator GSG Painting

Door Rack Painter
Greg owner / operator GSG Painting
January 26, 2023
Dry Rack

It was the first time to use the Dry racks and they are very helpful. They saved my time and the place where I will lay down the door cabinets. I like them and they are durable. Thank you. Mohamed


Door Rack Painter


January 18, 2023
Jake door racks

I just want everyone to know how great! Jake is and how great my cabinet dry rack system and spray beach are. I’ve been painting and spraying over 30 years and love this system!! I can spray both sides of my cabinets and set them on the drying racks. Cuts my job in half !! Thanks again – Tom

Kennedy Painting


January 6, 2023
Love the Door rack painter system

I purchased the rotating spray rack and 18-door dry rack combination a few years ago and I am purchasing another two sets of the 18-door dry racks. If you are doing kitchen cabinets, it’s definitely worth the investment! Big time and more importantly space saver. I used to use the sawhorses and 2x4s and now I can use less than half of the space! I have also found it to be very useful for finishing window sashes. Highly recommend using this system!!

Shawn Morgan Owner, Shawn Morgan Painting and Wallcovering

Dayville, CT


December 2, 2022
Amazing Door Rack Painter

These door racks are truly amazing. I have cut my cabinet painting time in half & also cut the space that I need to do cabinet doors by 2/3rds or more. I have done cabinets for many years using saw horses & 2 x 4’s, which works okay but takes up so much room! I ordered the rotating rack & one set of storage racks & after I used them one time, I ordered 2 more sets of storage racks! Highly recommend!!!

Jerry Phillips Painting

Wrightsville, GA


December 1, 2022
100% Professional 

I recommend this product; it saves time, makes work easy, and is 100% professional!!


Simple Bright

Westmont, IL

November 22, 2022
Amazing Racks

Door Rack Painter

I’m very proud of myself for buying these racks. They make it easy, they save time, no more headaches thinking where to stick my stuff, and they make us look so professional.

Geovanny, director, Gap Pro Painting Inc

San Diego, CA.

Door Rack Painter


Door Rack Painter
Door Rack Painter
August 5, 2022

I’m a painter but a lot of my work is re-finishing kitchens and spraying trim and doors, I’ve had two sets of racks for a few years and I love them I haven’t run across a kitchen yet that won’t fit on these racks they also save me a lot of space I use to lay everything out on two by fours and hold my garage hostage! My wife loves them😎. Well worth the cost.

Jimmy Espinoza

Pennsylvania Furnace, PA


July 22, 2022
Best one I have used. Huge time saver.

I just ordered my 2nd rack!!. We love using this system. This door rack painter saves us a tonne of time since we are able to paint both sides of cabinet doors at once. The system does not leave any marks on the doors at all. Amazing! It takes very little space in our shop and looks great too. Thanks for this amazing product. We will be ordering more as we keep growing.

Raydian Painting Corp

Edmonton AB

July 7, 2022
a real game changer

The Door Rack Painter system in a word is revolutionary, a real game changer with respect to material application to cabinet doors, drawer faces and even full-size doors. The ability to finish both sides of a door at once, is simply a huge time saver. Combine this with the tremendous amount of mil thickness of a given material you can apply without issues and the results are outstanding. The simplicity of the product allows virtual painting novices professional results that were only achievable from a seasoned Journeymen with decades of cabinetry experience. The added bonus is that, because of the racks design you can transform a very small area into a spray both and drying room. My only regrets… I didn’t think of it.

David Swanson

Del Mar Painting

San Diego, Ca

June 10, 2022
I was stunned by the efficiency and ease in which it allowed me to paint doors

I bought the ten-door heavy system door rack back in 2017 and I was stunned by the efficiency and ease in which it allowed me to paint doors on the site and in a confined space. Now that I’m upgrading I can tell you that the customer service was first-rate. Jake was very helpful and made the order quickly. This product and company continue to be excellent. I recommend it unreservedly.

Andrei V

Chornomor Fine Arts and Consulting L. L. C.

March 10, 2022
Great Concept!

This is the fifth purchase I have the heavy door painting system and three spray racks with four drying racks.
I am looking forward to buying the 30 door drying rack once the new spray shop is complete.
Keep up the great innovation!
Spectrum WallCo Painting, LLC

Lunenburg, MA

March 6, 2022
Door Rack Painter
Awesome Tool

Door Rack Painter is an awesome tool to help me get my cabinets done quickly and efficiently with room to work on my job site. Jake the owner made it very easy for me to purchase these and actually took a phone call from me and walk me through the process. Thank you so much Jake you’re awesome!


Baywood Painting Services

Grover Beach, California

Door Rack Painter

February 15, 2022
This is a phenomenal system that we recommend highly

Our crew loved using the 18-door rack so much that we decided to order a second one. It is extremely easy to assemble and has helped cut down on drying time significantly. In addition to the fantastic product, the customer service from Door Rack Painter is second to none. This is a phenomenal system that we recommend highly.


Natural Elements Painting

Alachua, Florida

January 18, 2022
30 Cabinet Door Dry Rack, Saves Me Time And Money.

Just a great help? , it is the best thing I have seen.

Angelo’s Painting, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania


January 11, 2022
Game Changer

[Door Rack Painter] Customer Reviews
I own a small cabinet refinishing shop in the Tampa bay area. We do 75 kitchens per year and growing. I originally purchased two racks and a turntable spray deck to get started 3 years ago. Soon found out that I needed to add 3 more racks to be able to do 2 kitchens at a time spraying both sides wet. Without Door Rack Painter‘s rack system I would only be able to do half the amount of work I’m able to produce now. Jake the owner is very knowledgeable, and I am very satisfied with him and his company on their customer service as you speak to the owner when you call which is outstanding. Doug Hyland Dramatic Design & Decor LLC. 727-946-2671


Dramatic Design and Decor LLC


December 2, 2021
Customer Service & a product that is well designed

I paint cabinets for a local paint company and use this system at work and like the system design and its use. Over the course of multiple jobs, I can see how well and much these help so I purchased the 18 count drying rack for my home use. Upon delivery and assembly, I didn’t realize the racks had been updated for even better functionality, so after I had assembled mine I thought I had an incorrect set. Jake puts his business card in the package, which at first I thought was just a simple thank you, but it turns out that when I called to discuss what I thought was an issue. Jake called me back, on a day they were closed (Friday after Thanksgiving) to politely talk through the new design and why the Door Rack Painter system was updated. A very clever new feature to solve a problem with an older design. The racks can now accommodate small/narrower doors than before. The uprights used to be of the same width which prohibited them from being within a closer distance, but now one rack is slightly narrower so it can slide into the wider width in sort of an overlapping fashion like a pocket. If you’ve used the older version, you would know how nice this feature is. You can paint and dry both sides of narrow cabinet drawer fronts all the way up to regular sized doors such as a bathroom door or even a front door. I also own a competitor’s dry rack system and it’s more of a shelf design which cannot accept anything of a smaller size and is limited to one side paint and dry only. Having the Door Rack Painter system versus the competitors, allows me to turn out a better product in shorter time! I also refinish front doors and French doors, etc. These racks allow me the flexibility to use for those as well. Not just cabinets. I can stain and then apply a topcoat while the door sits on the same rack without messing up the finish that I’ve worked so diligently on. Thank you personally to Jake for calling me back to help me understand the update and for having this helpful system! I actually need to buy another set for a cabinet job this week.

November 26, 2021
The Best way to paint Doors

We have Purchased from Jake the owns Door Rack Painters. These products are the best thing we ever did to expand our business and save time. Not only saving time which is money, Jake has been hands on and has helped us out with any question we had. Where do you find that type of personal customer service. Since our first purchase we have made several more purchases of this great products. We are ready in the near future to purchase more! Thank you again Jake! I wish we purchase much sooner and was well worth purchasing and will pay for itself, so pull the trigger and purchases these great ways to save time! Which will make you more money. 💵💰🤑 We now have two 30 rack dyers on 18 rack dyer and two 360 paint racks

November 3, 2021
Very Satisfied Customer, Worth Every Penny

We have used these racks for 4 years now! And man, they have been more than a blessing for me and for customers! Helps us as a company to get the job done right and in a much quicker time! Wouldn’t change these racks for anything else. And worth every penny! Thank you again, Jake!

Franco Construction                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Victorville, CA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           



Josh Obelenus Property Maintenance, Morlan Properties,
October 2, 2021
Game changer in our tenant improvement plan

We have the 30-door system with the rotating spray rack and it has been a game changer in our tenant improvement plan. Gone are the sawhorses with old door lined up, spraying one side at a time, waiting and flipping. With this system, we can roll up to a unit, pull all the doors, and get them refinished in a single go in record time, flipping the unit back to ready quicker than ever while making it look great. Customer service is top notch too. Jake is prompt to respond to any questions and handled my issue (our own fault, not an issue with the product) super quick and saved our $$$. We continue to find innovative uses for the system as well. From cabinet doors (and drawers too!), to shelving, to doors, and even trim, this rack has been versatile. It also is able to be broken down and transported quickly and easily, and set up in various configurations to suit your needs. I even caught my wife drying her artwork on it. In the end, if you work maintenance for a property and need to spray or even roll paint, this is a great system for you.

Robert Hosey
September 28, 2021
Cut my production time in half

These racks are phenomenal, I’ve been so successful with this system. Cut my production time in half. Thx Jake, your truly a pro!! Robert Baywoodpainting, central coast Cali.

Karen Hernandez
Owner Karen’s Custom Cabinets
August 12, 2021
Many jobs done successfully with door rack painter!

I’ve been using the 30 door rolling Dry racks and turn table with great success. I was using a hanging system for many years but I find this takes up much less space. Saves time, and allows you to put a heavier final coat on. I find the system truly invaluable to my business.

August 5, 2021
Great addition to our shop

This dry rack is a must if you are refinishing cabinets it will save you loads of time when doing any job big to small. We bought the 30 door dry rack and could not be happier with it (our second rack system) on top of the outstanding product the customer service is outstanding I placed my order at 11am picked up locally by 3 and had it put together by 4:00 and ready to use.

June 15, 2021
Saves so much time and easy to use.

I love this so much, I had to order another! Saves so much time and easy to use.

February 21, 2021
I think this rack is a must-have for all professional painters

I bought the 18 door drying rack and my guys thought it was great. The rack makes it so easy to paint both sides of the door at the same time. I decided to buy the 30 door rack since the other one worked so well. I think this rack is a must-have for all professional painters. Thank you Jake for inventing this simple, yet very functional tool!
Nice Angle Painting

Resort Renovations
February 17, 2021
This system works and increases margins

I’ve bought several cabinet drying racks over the last few years for my cabinet refinishing/reface business. Jake has always been more than helpful and communicates well with clients per service and process. This system works and increases margins. There’s value and savings in buying his thought-out fabricated system vs trying to create your own if your time is worth any money.

Bill Schneeberger Painting
February 12, 2021
Wonder how you lived without these

We don’t have a spray shop, so having a way to spray cabinets and save space is truly a must. The owner is very helpful, the product is of high quality, and you will marvel at the ease of use of the dry racks. What a space saver…. You truly can spray both sides of the doors, you’ll make your money back on the first or second job, wonder how you lived without these, and never look back!
Roy Schneeberger

Megna Painting
Business Manager
January 15, 2021
Worthy Investment

The Door Rack is essential. We bought two drying racks and a spray rack back in 2017. We were tired of working with other, less effective systems. These racks have been utilized on so many jobs now. We use them on-site and in the shop, and we realized we needed more. We just purchased another dry rack and the spinning spray rack. The rack system we bought back in 2017 is still working like new the system has had a few updates, but the overall utility remains excellent for our cabinet painting needs. After perfecting this system’s operation and a few extra tricks of the trade, we can finish a beautiful set of 40-50 cabinet doors and drawers in 24 working hours, with sanding cleaning, one primer coat, and three finish coats on both sides. I won’t be surprised if we buy more in the future. The portability, simplicity, and efficiency of this system are amazing enough to justify the purchase. The customer service and labor-saving money-making effectively make it a no brainer. Thank you

Corrie Leister
January 12, 2021
Door Racks

I cannot say enough about this door rack system. I have the 18 door rack, the rotating spray rack, and two 30 door racks. They are the best!!

Asa Davis
December 18, 2020
Great tools for beautiful finishes

I have used these spray and drying racks for a couple of years now and they have paid for themselves time and time again! We use them on a daily basis and everything is holding up great. Awesome products, you won’t regret you buying decision, I guarantee it.

TJ Painting in New Jersey
November 3, 2020
Excellent Product
  1. We have been using the Door Rack Painter system for over 5 years now. The racks are excellent for consolidating cabinet drawers and doors, especially on larger projects. Highly recommend.
D. Swanson
November 1, 2020
Door Racks

Excellent product! We’ve purchased several set’s over the the years and will soon upgrade to the 30 door rack. The system allows us to produce incredible finishes in very a confined space. We use them for both cabinet doors and 30/6.8 hollow core doors, you could probably go larger without any issues. The key is the ability to load material e.g cross hatch application at near package consistency netting a a high build finish in 1/3 of the time. Factor in your doing both sides at once and using the doorracks system just gets better and better.

Larry the Painter !
Spectrum WallCo Painting LLC
October 22, 2020
Cabinet Door Rack Painter combo

I first purchased a regular spray rack and 18 door dry rack 5 years ago, time went by and the jobs got bigger so I purchased another 18 door dry rack and now jobs are overlapping so I purchased another spray rack/dry rack combo to do multiple jobs consecutively. Low tech high production great product. Jake is always helpful when I call. Way to GO !!!

Chad Macpherson
October 7, 2020
Used for years

We have been using these for years. Everyone we expand we search the market for the best systems and we always come back to the door rack painter!

Rob Pooley
September 27, 2020
Very convenient, speeds up dry times

Very convenient, speeds up dry times and you don’t need as much space to get the job done we love them. We have about 5 sets of these and they work great.

September 12, 2020
I do want to say the customer service I received was top-notch!

I’ve not yet used my door rack as I just received it. But I do want to say the customer service I received was top-notch! I had issues with Amazon and Jake the rep that helped me navigate through the process of reordering was fantastic. So far I couldn’t be happier with this awesome company!
Pro Touch Painting

Matt DeHaan
July 22, 2020
Long Overdue…

This is a long overdue review. I have purchased from Jake on 3 separate occasions. Each time, I have been treated like a VALUED customer and asked for feedback. Jake will not hesitate to offer tips, tricks, and accept feedback. He has improved his products over the years and given many different options. I now own 2 of the 30 door racks, 4 sets of the 18 door racks, a spinning spray stand, and the standard spray stand. We use these constantly and it allows us the best of both worlds–quality and efficiency. If you are new or an old hat at fine finishing, these racks will add to your profitability without sacrificing quality. Follow Jake’s tips and you will be churning out jobs. THANK YOU JAKE!
May 4, 2020
Door Rack Systems changed our Business

Over the last 2 years we have obtained every rack offered, some multiple times. It has changed our business. We invested in a spray booth. And now are doing more and more spraying, cabinets are a consistent part of our business and we bring passage doors back to the shop. We are a residential repaint company for close to 40 years and because of the door rack system we are making our biggest changes in all these years. The increased production and quality finish are just amazing. After each purchase we thought OK now we’re all set. But soon wanted to increase production and saw the need for the next upgrade, each subsequent add-on purchase proved to be just as helpful. Keep up the good work!

Mike Sheppard
April 26, 2020
Second purchase

I have been extremely pleased with not only the quality of this product but also how efficient it is with helping to complete the job. I have owned and used it for the past couple of years. The customer service is also top-notch. Today I placed my second order and purchased another large rack to assist with a very large job I have coming up. I’ve purchased and owned other cabinet door painting systems in the past, and none of them have provided the efficiency or finished product that this one does.

Premier Painting
February 13, 2020
Awesome Racks

This is one of the best door racks I ever use and I have plenty, Easy to set up, I can spray both sides which makes me finish the job faster, easy to transport, they have excellent customer service.

January 1, 2020
Must have for cabinet project

We purchased the 18 rack to spray cabinet doors a year ago and it is amazing. The ability to spray both sides and have them lay flat so the paint can level and cure is a game changer in the business. The system is very lightweight, and durable. The ability to adjust the size of the cabinet doors is one of our favorite things. They are compact and easy to transport from job to job. The design of the grabbers allows you to safely move the doors from the spray booth to the rack without any evidence of affecting the paint. Since our company is growing we purchased the 30 rack and can’t wait for its arrival. The customer service is one of the best in the industry. This system makes life efficient. Excited for future inventions and watching this company grow. Happy New Year 2020.

Anthony Vlachos
December 16, 2019
Best way to paint cabinets

I have been painting for 45 years and am always looking for ways to make my production rate faster. When I first saw an ad for them I was sold. I purchased my first set about 5 years ago and have added more racks since than. I used to have to paint one side at a time and try and find space for them, usually by leaning cabinet doors on a wall. This is such a simple and easy product to use, my production rate is cut in half, the quality of spray surfaces is higher because of doors lying flat. Recently I purchased the swivel spray rack. It simplifies the whole spray process even more. Now I don’t have to walk around a stationary door to paint, usually, your tripping over the hose and you need to cover more space for overspray. Now I stay in one place and rotate the door as needed. With a bright light on the surface, I can achieve the highest quality spray jobs. Videos are very helpful and customer service is 5 star. If you spray cabinets or doors this is a must-have.

Cashmere Construction
November 21, 2019
Worked so well needed to come back a 2nd time to buy more

We originally purchased several of these racks last year and have been very pleased with the quality and reliability. We have been able to cut down time on job significantly. Just had to purchase 2 more of the 30 racks. Best system available.

Jim A
September 8, 2019
Highly recommend the product.

We purchased the first design of the cabinet door painting rack back about 5 years ago. Since then we purchased the upgraded design cabinet painting rack and the heavy door painting rack. We are now purchasing the Super Combo painting rack system.

The painting rack saves us time and more importantly space. The customer service is great. Highly recommend the product.

Aspark Enterprises, LLC

Steve P
June 5, 2019
Quality Product and Quality Vendor

After trying to deal with painting a 100-pound door, I started searching for a better way to do it. The goal is to paint BOTH sides of a door in a TIMELY and SAFE manner, meaning minimizing handling and maintaining the best orientation to avoid runs, etc.
There is no other product that meets this goal, only the Heavy Door System from DoorRackPainter. Such a well-executed solution.
But it’s not just the product, Jake will stand behind his product. When I asked a question via email, I received back an answer that you don’t see anymore. If I had any issues over my purchase, he told me to not open it and send it back for a full refund. His integrity and belief in his products are strong and rare.
It was a pleasant surprise in today’s world.
And I love the simplicity of the Heavy Door System!

Dave Cole Decorators, Inc.
May 28, 2019
Second system purchased

(Heavy Door Painting System)

We are a commercial painting company looking for a way to reduce time spent on staining and painting doors. We purchased the door rack system in 2018 and were so impressed, we just purchased our second one! It works for various applications including staining, painting and clear coating.

May 28, 2019

I purchased the rack system last year and it was truly a lifesaver for me. Not only have I been happy with the rack system but the level of service hasn’t been out of this world! Will definitely continue to do business with Door Rack Painter! If you haven’t tried this system yet…,you should. You won’t be disappointed!

Brian Yaussy with Creations by Brian
Creations by Brian
April 26, 2019
These racks have helped us cut down on our project time by 50%

We bought the racks 12/2016 to help speed up our spraying time in the shop for cabinet doors and drawers. These racks have helped us cut down on our project time by 50%. Kitchens used to take around 10 days to complete, now it takes us 5 days in an average kitchen. We did have to buy extra drying racks because the size of the kitchens that we normally do are around 40 pieces. The dry racks hold 18 pieces each. So if your kitchens are on the bigger size buy the extra drying racks from the get go. Loving these racks they make life a lot easier. You really only need one guy to spray an average kitchen in an 1 hour because it’s easy to flip the doors and maneuver.


April 19, 2019
This looks like a better mousetrap

Door Rack Painter

This looks like a better mousetrap for your woodshop, HVLP, spray gun, super sweet work guys. If you need to pile up cabinet doors or parts for drying Door Rack Painter gets some solid reviews on their website along with some posted videos here.

With the Door Rack Painter for cabinet doors, you can paint both sides of the doors at once and get a horizontal finish (thank you gravity). Door Rack Painter says it solves storage problems too by condensing the area required to store multiple doors.

You don’t have to install anything like brackets, hooks, or hangers, saving time. And it makes you (and your shop and your customers) look more dialed-in. Because you are. Don’t believe me? Check out our piece on trailer organization here.

The Heavy Door Painting System enables you to paint, stack, and dry up to ten doors. And I like that the site is crammed with videos and how-to instructions.

April 2, 2019
Time to make money!

I first bought the cabinet door system in 2013 and it was a lifesaver!
Instead of only being able to paint 1 side at a time, I now can eliminate at least 20 hours of labor.
Just purchased another spray rack and drying rack.
Thank you!

John Hatfield
March 4, 2019
Rotating stand – Great product!

I’ve been meaning to thank you for the rotating paint stand that I bought a few months back. Like the drying racks, it’s a real game changer. I can spray doors faster and with even less handling than before, they pay for themselves time and time again.

Mike Danahy
February 24, 2019
Today I ordered a couple more

Bought the turn table and spray rack about a year ago. Assembled it, and let it sit till a small project came along. Couldn’t help being kind skeptical. Even with great reviews and video testimonials – I wasn’t sure about it. 8-9 months later, a small little project came along and I got to test this out. Minutes after I started spraying, and placing doors into the rack, I was sold. I had thought this might be kind tippy, or flimsy… I was wrong, this is solid, works amazing. Today I ordered a couple more, and I can’t wait for them to get here.!

January 25, 2019
Can’t get enough! Literally! We just ordered a 3rd 30 door rack

We started using these recently and can’t believe we had done cabinets any other way. We bought the 30 door combo a month ago and just bought 2 more recommend today. Can’t wait to get them in the shop

Peter Leahy, Fine Finishes Painting
October 25, 2018
Very happy we made the purchase

I purchased the door rack system because we were always scrambling to find a place for doors to dry. Very happy we made the purchase and can’t imagine painting without them.

Matt Dehaan, DeHaan Painting LLC
October 1, 2018
Great time AND space saver

Door Racks are awesome. Is it possible to have something that’s perfect? I highly doubt it, however, these are as close as I’ve ever found–purchased or home built. I’ve tried my fair share of racks and none have been as effective as these.
My biggest concern was leaving dots. I can say these are minimal and are easily remedied. If I end up with issues, that just means my last coat is done 1 side at a time. I typically spray primer and 1st coat–both sides at the same time. For the final coat, if there are no marks, I continue this. If the doors are heavier or have marks for whatever reason, they get a light scuff and then painted 1 side at a time. That still saved you half the labor on the primer and 1st coat which to me is invaluable.

Just purchased 2 more sets to help with completing multiple jobs at the same time and not having to empty a rack prior to starting the next coat!
Thanks Door Rack Painter! Matthew

Doug Hyland, Design & Decor LLC
Design & Decor LLC
September 25, 2018
Spray System and drying racks

I recently purchased a rotating spray system and 3 drying racks, I do kitchens, full time and every kitchen refinishing job I do this system saves me 1.5 days as compared to drying 1 side at a time. I think it is fantastic and very happy I added this to my shop. Jake is great to work with and will give you all the advice needed to make the right decision.

Ciaran Cassidy, Cassidy Decorating
September 12, 2018

I recently bought three dry racks and one rotating spray rack. They arrived days after I ordered and I set them up.
I thought there was an issue with the sets and reached out to Jake.
I have to tell you the customer service here is phenomenal. He immeadiately mailed me a new set even before I sent him the picture of the issue, which at the end of the day was my misunderstanding.
They are a great company and I am very happy with the purchase and the efficiency of the set up.

Jimmy Martin
Erick T. Gatcomb, Proprietor /
June 20, 2018
Door Rack system to try out and it has been a huge hit here at the shop

Hi Door Rack!

Just wanted to take a moment to tell you that we were unfamiliar with your company until we saw your advertisement in “The Paint

The contractor” magazine. After seeing your ad, my employer asked me to buy a simple. Door Rack system to try out and it has been a huge

Hit here at the shop. It makes easy work of painting doors, and it has increased our productivity.

Very best,

Jimmy Martin,

Inventory Manager of Gatcomb Painting & Design


Erick T. Gatcomb, Proprietor

Trussville, Alabama
April 8, 2018
It has actually made cabinets profitable now

Good morning Jake. I was a little skeptical spending 1000 buck for your system. But it has been the BEST purchase I’ve ever made. It has actually made cabinets profitable now. And yes I plan on getting more drying racks and expanding. Ty!!!

Anthony Neri
March 16, 2018
Love it!

I have to admit I was just as skeptical as the next guy until I ordered ths system. I just purchased my 3rd one. Cuts the time in half and time is money! Once you use it a couple times you will Love it too. A must to have for anyone spraying doors.
Holds 18 doors so for your average cabinet’s you will need 2 racks but you will make that money back in one job , so well worth it.

Howard McKenize, Bayarea Painters
March 1, 2018
Great investment

Absolutely love this product. Bought the spray racks and the drying rack as a set. Then, a week later, I purchased another drying rack because I loved it so much. Very well thought out and well designed product.

David cook
January 25, 2018
Best money I spent

I have had the rack system- now with the rotation top they came out with—- Awesome!!! Keep up the good work

Brandon, Perryman Painting and Remodeling
January 17, 2018
The system is a great tool

with the product. We started up another cabinet crew and just ordered another set. The system is a great tool to keep our painters moving efficiently and completing jobs on schedule.



Mike Mckinney
McKinney Painting
November 8, 2017

Just started using this system and it’s great! Very efficient time and space saver. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their spraying results.
Mike Mckinney

Appleby Painting
November 7, 2017
Door rack drying system

This is my second purchase from this company. I love this system, it makes it so much easier for painting cabinets. I was using 2 x 4’s before and needed more space, this product made my jobs more efficient.
Thanks again,

Thomas, Faux Fabulous Interiors
October 9, 2017

If used properly this cabinet spraying system is incredible! being able to spray both sides at the same time makes scheduling and completing cabinet jobs much easier. If you are a company that does high volume cabinet painting I strongly suggest buying and trying these racks out.

Brent, Pro Paint NW
September 25, 2017
Incredible time saver!

Complete cabinet and door jobs 50% faster with the ability to spray all sides at once. Do yourself and your guys a favor and get one of these on your job site !

Dan howell
July 26, 2017

These racks are amazing!! I went from taking 40 hours to do 28 cabinet doors all the way down – 16 hours it is absolutely cut my cabinet painting time in half. The ability to do both sides in one pass is like solid gold to me. I would recommend that anyone who paints cabinets invest in the door rack painter system

Tim Todd, T.A. Todd Construction
June 28, 2017
door rack painting system

We are a general contractor who specializes in remodels.
We purchased the door rack painting system several years ago.
We have used it many times and my painters like it a lot.
Particularly when working in occupied homes we are able to set up in the garage for refinishing cabinet doors and the door rack system is a great space and time saver.

MRP Painting
MRP Painting
May 18, 2017
Incredible results

I first found out about door rack painter through YouTube. I am constantly looking for a better mousetrap and after viewing the videos multiple times I decided to change my cabinet system of painting. We were using a really good results with our old system yet it was taking us to many hours to set up the doors for painting. With Jake’s system it has allowed us to expedite the process of painting cabinet doors. What is quite amazing are the aluminum rods that do not leave any marks on our doors once we are reassembling them back on to the cabinet frames. Regardless of the product that we are using to spray with we achieve incredible results with this system that was invented by Mr Shearer. I cannot thank you enough for coming up with such a easy yet genius system of cabinet door painting. We have easily eliminated for a standard size kitchen approximately 3 to 4 hours for each project off of the labor cost. I would highly recommend anybody who is seriously considering spray-painting kitchen cabinets on a regular basis to consider purchasing this system. You will easily recoup the cost of your investment after a couple of small jobs. One of our favorite tools for painting.

Rick Rojo's, Painting
May 17, 2017
Like having a few extra employees

I have been using the heavy door rack for a bit over a year now and I must say it is a God send. I do a lot of custom repaint jobs and don’t have the space to dry doors like when a house is new and no one lives in it. The door rack saves me space for drying and makes painting all the doors easy. I just ordered another set because of how much it saves me time.

Ardavan. A
May 1, 2017
Great product and Service

Not only is it a great product but great service as well! I called on a Friday to order. When asked when I was starting the job I told Jake that I was picking up the doors and drawers on Monday. It was already afternoon and he was not at the office but he told me that he would make sure it went out that day so I can receive them by Tuesday . I was surprised when they came in on Monday! A day early! Great service!

Sherri Lyday
April 15, 2017
Absolutely Brilliant!!!!

Hi Jake! I just used your door rack system for the first time and what an excellent investment!! I am going to double, triple my business because of this brilliant system you came up with. I will def be ordering more!! Thank you so much!! – Sherri

Joe M
Painting Contractor
April 5, 2017
Great time and space saver

The door rack system is a great time and space saver, and Jake is great to talk to for advice. Customer service is fantastic!

April 1, 2017
Asset to Cabinet Painting

With the price involved in purchasing new cabinets and then the cost of labor to remove and install, many customers decide to just have their existing cabinets prepped and painted. The cabinet rack allows for more flexibility and mobility when painting the cabinet doors which subsequently allows the painter to produce good, clean strokes/lines. No complaints here!

Jamie M., Phoenix Rising Painting LLC
Phoenix Rising Painting LLC
March 6, 2017
Best rack!

The door rack system has been an excellent addition, it is a money maker! We have used it for cabinets, shutters and many other projects. Customer service is also top notch!

Jim Michael
March 5, 2017
Jake’s design is a game changer!

I have a small painting business in Northern California. The first time I used this system it was incredible how much time I saved! The work space needed now is minimal. I just ordered my second set.

Mike, Fine Line Painting
February 28, 2017
We love them!

We just ordered our second set because they save so much time and space. We love them!

Cary, Peterson Painting
January 6, 2017
Did it again….

So happy with the Spray system and drying rack I just bought two (2) more. When space is tight We Love Um!!!!! Our painters need to keep on budget and there’s nothing better than the Door Rack System.

January 2, 2017
Door rack review

We occasionally get cabinet spray jobs and the challenge for us has been where to spread out the wet doors & shelves so they can dry. Now in the space of 4-6 square feet, we stack up to 18 pieces which is really handy when space is a problem.

John Leite
January 2, 2017
Dry Rack

Who has it knows, for those that does not have yet i am just a regular guy with small business and i have to let you know how amazing Dry Rack is, just got my second one and planning in getting more soon ( for sure )

Steve Mead
November 20, 2016
I’m so glad I bought the rack!

This is a great system! I let my friend who is a painting contractor who had previously owned a cabinet making business try it out, and he was equally impressed. Jake was generous with his time. I’m going to buy another rack.

Don Fahrbach
October 10, 2016
Space and Time Saver!

This racking system will save you time and space. Well worth the price. Use the time you would use trying to cobble something up to sell one more job and buy these instead.

October 8, 2016
Door racks

Although the price seems rather high for the system, you could never make it yourself for less if you value your time at all, and the system does perform quite well. Overall, it has allowed us to bid cabinet jobs more competitively and we have landed many more as a result. Good ROI.

Kelly Plunkett, 2nd Chance Restoration
October 7, 2016
Business game changer!

This system is a life changer! I can complete projects in half the time, and an entire kitchen of doors takes up a nominal space in my workshop. Well worth every penny knowing I have been able to increase the amount of projects I can take on now.

Brent Dorcas
September 30, 2016
Door Rack Painter is awesome

The door rack painter is awesome. It saves a lot of time and space being able to paint both sides of the door. It is great for spraying and drying shutters as well. A second drying rack is a must for doors of varying size.

Tom Price
September 20, 2016
I love this system

As an owner of a paint company I love this system. It is a real time saver and space saver. Training painters to use it and be efficient is the only real challenge. Old dogs new tricks lol.
The crews who embrace the system love it. We just ordered more dry racks to make the jobs go even faster.

Greg Pelt
September 11, 2016
Cabinet Racks

We have used the system twice. Both times we were pleased with the results. The first time we used an airless and Jake was correct that the amount of over spray would require us to move the spray rack or the paper several times due to the build up.

I purchased a Titan CapSpray HVLP for the next project and paint waste was minimal with adequate millage on the cabinet door face. We did notice however that the cabinet boxes were had more sheen than the doors. My guys thinned the oil base with thinner so the paint would go thru the cup gun better. This cut the sheen. I told my crew foreman to thin the material with penetrol next time to see if the sheen would remain constant from sprayed doors to the brushed cabinet boxes.

Overall we are pleased with the system and continuing to perfect the use of the system. Definitely a buy in my opinion!

Herboth Remodeling LLC
September 6, 2016
Top notch painting system

This pending system saved me time and money. The quality of the paint job is outstanding. I bought a second drying rack after seeing that the first set that I bought worked.

Larry Gianatti
August 27, 2016
Best Door Painting System

The door rack system expedited painting heavy doors and ensured the best quality finish. No more building verticle door racks. I will be purchasing another rack system after seeing how efficient and easy it is to use.

July 5, 2016
This Paint Racks are awesome

Since we are using this dry racks we can do jobs as fast as we thought, we definitely recommend to anyone who paints doors. This is the most efficient tool for painting jobs. We are very satisfied with this we can say as good as 200%.

Daniel Brogan
June 17, 2016
Excellent Product

I recently made my second purchase of the drying racks for cabinet doors and I think they are an excellent product they cut the drying time in half and I would highly recommend them to anyone. My product arrived two days after I purchased it which was great.The Customer Service in this company is excellent and Jake was extremely helpful to me.

Leigh, Just like new kitchen resurfacing
June 13, 2016
Has changed the whole way my business operates

Wow this drying rack system has changed the whole way my business will operate . Being able to turn over work faster is what helps growth and it can now be done with the door rack painter . To do in and out of a cabinet door has never been easier and the technique is very easy to learn .
This product is gold and totally worth. The investment ..

May 31, 2016
Not too shabby lady

We paint kitchen cabinets at a high volume and I can’t even describe how life changing these racks were!!! I just ordered a second rack and am beyond thrilled with the excellent customer service!!! Highly recommend this company if you’re looking for a way to make your job/work more efficient!

Brent Essery
April 5, 2016
Excellent Product

The door racks are a real time saver. Not only do they allow me to do both sides at the same time, they save me valuable floor space while the doors are drying. I will be ordering another drying rack, or 2 in the near future as 3 racks are always full now. I recommend this product to anyone looking to save time and money.

Matt, Kitchen Tune Up
March 11, 2016
Very pleased – saved time and space

We purchased the spray rack and the door rack and found it much more efficient than the old way we were storing doors…We just recently found in order to be even more efficient, that we needed another drying rack…This has saved us time and it has saved us space as well…

R. Brabham, Brabhams Painting Co.
March 10, 2016
Nothing compares to the efficiency of this system

We are repeat customer’s with Door Rack. You won’t find a system that allows you to do both sides with the ease of this system on the market. They are also wonderful people to work with; professional, accommodating and pleasant.

February 11, 2016

I first purchased a spraying rack and two drying racks about a year ago. My husband had a fit when he found out how much I paid for them. As the user of the racks though it didn’t take me long, or the girls who work for me, to realize how much time they really truly save. And time is money : )) Not only that but instead of having cabinet doors spread everywhere to dry I can now keep them nice and neat in one spot. The cabinet remodeling business is booming so I just ordered another spray rack and three more drying racks. We honestly couldn’t do the volume of business we do without these. Thanks for a great product and great service!!!

Steve Arflin
February 6, 2016
A Major Upgrade to Our Service

We received our rack system a little over two weeks ago and just completed our second job using it. We do a lot of repaints of rental properties for several realtors and property management companies in our area. We were visited by a couple of our contacts while using our new Door Rack Painter and they were impressed. This system allows us this major upgrade to our service while maintaining our competitive edge in pricing our jobs. This acquisition has breathed new life into our business and I can’t say enough how positive a customer service experience this has been. We are in SE Georgia. We ordered our rack on a Tuesday and received it on Thursday. Amazing. And Jake is great to work with as well. We are looking forward to ordering more of his products in the not too distant future!

Timothy St Mary
January 22, 2016
Awesome system

Wish I would’ve thought of it, but glad somebody did. I bought the system to paint some shutters and I liked it so much I bought an additional drying rack. I paint a lot of kitchen cabinets and the time I am going to save will pay for it 10 time over. I recommend there system to any professional painter out there. It will save you mega hours. Trust me it already has for me.

Barry Hoover
January 7, 2016
Great Product!

Very happy with these racks. Placing a second order today. Easy to use and design is well thought out. Highly recommended.

January 6, 2016

Great product~ and great customer service.

John Byrne
December 30, 2015
Great Pay

This product has cut our production time in half and would recommend it to any painter. They are simple to use and set up. The Door Rake Painter in one of those products you wish you had in your shop a long time ago. Buy it now!

David Swanson, Del Mar Painting
December 17, 2015
Great product.

Great product…. think hand masker and the difference it makes in your daily production. Simple to use. After about 3 doors you’ll be up to speed with the Door Racks and the finish product is excellent. The reason for four stars, I would have preferred the racks to be a little heavier gauge and a little taller ( I’m 6’6″) probably a little nitpicky. Bottom line, buy a set and compete or don’t and I’ll do the job!

Theresa Shelton
November 17, 2015
We absolutely love our dry racks

We absolutely love our dry racks they make our job so much more organized and our jobs require less time due to dry time.
Thank you,

Chriss & Theresa

John Hatfield
November 13, 2015
Game changer

Fantastic product. these racks have effectively halved our turn around times , reduced the footprint of the work area required in the shop and the lifting handles are genius in themselves. I wouldn’t want to work without them.

Barry Dyer
October 14, 2015

I ordered the rack system one day without asking anyone in the shop. The shop manager was a little surprised after opening the box. He was skeptical as well, but he set it up the racks anyway, since I paid for them. The painter used them a few hours later and everyone is happy. It’s simple system that works! It’s one of those things that makes you ask “why didn’t I think of that?”

Kelly Klein
October 9, 2015
So excited for my new tool!

I love these racks. I wish I would have ordered them a long time ago because it would have made my jobs so much more professional and efficient! The drying racks save me so much space it’s pretty amazing. I don’t have to clear my workshop out to do a cabinet job anymore. I love that I can do both sides at once with out having to wait for them to dry. I was impressed that there was extra parts in case I ever needed them. I like that they are American made and I know that the company will help me if I ever have any problems or need more parts. My cabinet jobs are more fun now!

October 8, 2015
Works Fantastic

Just ordered another dry rack, this thing is awesome! I was a little worried at first thinking about flipping a wet cabinet door over and spraying the other side but it fricking works! Little to none marks left on the door.

September 15, 2015
Fantastic !!!

Thanks Jake for coming up with the solution to the age old problem of door finishing. I’ve only used them once but it was obvious early on that your system was going to be a huge time saver. In the past, we’ve opted for having our cabinets prefinished but now we can save our customers money and time by taking care of it ourselves. Best of Luck to you.

Eric Marx
September 11, 2015
Space and time saving

I purchased these racks because I had a kitchen cabinet glazing job coming up. Although they are meant primarily for those painters who use sprayers in their work, I do old fashioned faux glazing finishes all done by hand – brush, rag wiping, cheesecloth etc. Still, the innovative, space saving design made the job so much easier. I will purchase another dry rack very soon! Highly recommended!

Olivier Durand, Living Colour Painters
August 11, 2015
These painting racks are essential

“If you want to spray doors and cabinets like a pro, these painting racks are essential. After getting my first set of spray and drying racks I quickly realized that there would be no more leaning doors against walls and spraying one side at a time, and no more week long cabinet spraying projects. It was quite a relief. The first time we brought on our painting racks to a custom home build, they were drawing attention and everyone wanted to see how it worked.
Once we started spraying the detailed doors, it was a matter of minutes until we had our doors sprayed and drying on the racks. It’s great how you can quickly turn any room into a spray room, because these racks hold every door or cabinet neatly one over another. I’m glad I stumbled across this great painting tool, it helps our company provide the quality work we require to put us ahead of our competitors.”

Spraying cabinets both sides from Olivier Durand on Vimeo.

Kristopher Kent, Kent Painting & Finishing Inc.
July 8, 2015
We have continued to increase in volume

“As the race to refinish old cabinets in our area has fueled our business, we found ourselves struggling within the limited space of our spray shop. We finally sought out something different and came across Door Rack Painter. The door rack painter system not only uses a small fraction of the area we were previously taking up, but we no longer deal with the headache of repainting surfaces due to sticking and transference. Additionally, we are able to spray both sides of our cabinets in a very short window of time. As we have continued to increase in volume we have added more racks to our shop and can now neatly and easily accommodate the finishing of 4 or more kitchens at one time in our small warehouse”

Adam Wagner, Wagner Painting Solutions, LLC.
May 15, 2015
I love the door painting system

I love the Door Rack Painting system. The spray and dry racks are well built and sturdy. In fact, the spray rack can easily handle prep work on shelves and cabinet doors as well as brush work. I will be able to tackle large cabinet jobs now with ease, and, more importantly, I won’t need as much space. It’s amazing how small of a footprint you need to use this system. It’s also much easier on the back than spraying doors on the floor. I’ve already purchased a second dry rack for larger projects and long trim boards. This will pay for itself over and over again.
Side note: the carpenter that’s on the same project with me came in and said, “Wow, that is an awesome dry rack.” I thought you’d enjoy that.

Andrew Allen, Allen Brothers Painting
February 27, 2015
The door rack painter has changed my business

The door rack painter has changed my business. I hesitate to give a good review because I don’t want my competition to know about it!! It gives me a huge edge on my competition. You would have to be a prideful idiot to not recognize that this is better than whatever you are doing to paint doors.

Victor Saitta, Painting by Victor
February 15, 2015
I simply love them

“How can I repost my review of your racks? I simply love them and I now that I have a bit of experience I would like very much to pass on and be more detailed. For instance, I’m doing a job with 101 cabinet doors and drawer faces and I was able by myself to prime them in 1 & 1/2 days. I applied the first coat of enamel to all of them in 6 hrs by myself. The preparation time: sanding, cleaning, and caulking is the same but the spraying time is unbelievable. The finish that I’m getting is superb and I don’t have any question that the customer is going to be absolutely thrilled. Thank you again for making these spray & drying racks available! The door racks are time saving peaces of equipment. I believe any serious painting firm absolutely needs to order in order to get more profit from cabinet painting. I started with one spray station and two racks and can already see that an extra rack would be quite useful.”

De Leon, De Leon Painting Services
February 5, 2015
Extremely pleased

Hi Jake,
I wanted to let you know how extremely pleased we are with the Door Rack Painter system. It has made painting cabinet doors much easier and saves a lot of time. We used to spray our doors the old way, one side at a time, let dry, turn over and spray the other side. This took a lot of time and space. Our cabinet painting service started to grow and I needed a faster, more efficient way to approach the painting. I started looking online one night and found your system. I was sold right away! After using it a few times and getting used to it, it has cut the painting time back a good bit and takes up much less space in our shop. I can definitely say that it has been one of the best investments that I have made for my business. The system will pay for itself with just a couple of jobs and after that its all extra profit in your pocket! I would definitely recommend this system to anyone that paints cabinets.

Brian Phillips, Kamaaina Pro Painters
February 4, 2015
I like them so much

Several months ago, I purchased some of Jake’s spray & dry racks. I liked them so much, that I realized I needed to buy 3 more dry racks in order to run my business more smoothly. They have been a lifesaver for me in that I am now able to paint cabinet doors and regular doors twice as fast as before and still maintain the highest quality finish. I am certain that this door painting system is well worth what I paid for it, ten times over, and am excited to continue using this system. I can now be more efficient and more accurate in my work, while saving money at the same time. The only reservation I have writing this recommendation, is that I don’t want my competition to know about this Door Painting System.

Thanks Jake so much for developing the Door Rack Painter.

Sarah Ross, Owner, Fresh Coat #91261, Painting contractor
C: 512-787-2379 O: 830-613-3539
February 2, 2015
Couldn’t be happier

About 4 months ago we purchased the Door Rack Painter system in an effort to more efficiently complete cabinet painting jobs. We have now used the racks on numerous jobs and couldn’t be happier with the results. They are compact, easy to transport, and require very little space in the customers home. I’d highly recommend them!

Todd Lacroix, Platinum Pro Painters Inc., Todd Lacroix | PRESIDENT
January 12, 2015
Thank you

Hey Jake,

Want to send you a personal thank you for the great service as always. Your knowledge in this industry is remarkable and has helped me revolutionize my spraying division.

The racks are extremely well made and really increase my bottom line by 50% at the minimum. We absolutely love them.

Thanks again! And we will contact you again when we expand our division even larger.

November 6, 2014
Thank you

Hi Jake!
“We just wanted to thank you for your great invention of the Door Rack Painter System and let you know how it’s changed our painting business! We are a small, boutique painting and refinishing company and specialize in custom projects for homeowners.
We searched and searched online and elsewhere for a way to help us more efficiently paint cabinet doors and drawers and store them while they dried and cured for our customers. Your Door Rack System was the only one we found that seemed to have everything we were looking for.
We had a great experience with you and your company from the start of the ordering process to the personal help in how to put together our first rack. Once we began to use the Door Rack Painter system, we realized just how unique and easy to use it is, and HOW MUCH TIME IT WILL SAVE US!!!!
We finished our first set of cabinets so fast that we realized we had to have a second drying rack! Our customer was amazed at the quality of the finish and said their cabinets were like brand new and had a factory finish look!! Not a mark on them from leaning on a rack to dry.
Both racks are even small enough to pack in the van and take with us for spraying or just drying. In fact we have a project to repaint 35 doors and we are taking them onsite.
Thanks for your personal attention to every detail of our needs. Thanks for the advice and instruction. We feel like you are more of a friend than a retailer.We would recommend your system to any painters who spray paint doors and/or cabinets or other furniture. There is nothing like it anywhere.”

Art & Rosanne — A R C Painting & Refinishing, LLC
New Jersey Affordable; Reliable; Customer-Focused
Art & Rosanne Courtien “We Keep Promises”
Toll Free: 855-ARC-7700 Fax: 908 364-4077 Cell: 908-436-7857 e-mail:
Fully insured – NJ Reg #13VH06885200 Member PDCA

Tim Perryman
June 25, 2014
We liked them so much we just bought another set!

Hi Jake,
We bought a couple of your cabinet rack systems last year and they have worked great for us. We do allot of cabinet painting and these things save us space while allowing us to finish both sides of our doors without having to wait for one side to dry.

We liked them so much we just bought another set!

Thank you,
Tim Perryman
Perryman Painting & Remodeling
Cell 916.417.0673
Main office 916.774.6416

23 years in business | A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau over 18 years
Voted Best Painting Contractor ~
2012, 2013 & 2014 ~ Roseville & Granite Bay
2014 ~ Rocklin
2014 & 2015 ~ Folsom & El Dorado Hills

Leslie Biagini Salazar, CFO, AJ Painting
April 10, 2014
We are very happy with our purchase

“We are very happy with our purchase from Door Rack Painters. Our facility doesn’t have enough space to accommodate a lot of cabinets and your spray stand and drying shelves have been a life/space saver. Whenwe are able to spray on site we look professional and our clients appreciate that we can work in a small space without inconveniencing then. Our efficiency has increased and you know what that means to our bottom line!
Thank you for your product and more importantly, your follow up calls to notify us that the product is shipping, to see if we had questions after the product arrived and again your call today to see how they system was working for us. Your offer to walk us through the process of transferring a door to the drying rack was much appreciated.The client experience from Door Rack angers has been exceptional and I appreciate how you operate your business.”


Barbara, One Way Paint & Design
April 7, 2014
can’t believe we ever lived without your

“What can I say, except “I can’t believe we ever lived without your “Door
Rack Painting System”! We purchased the 1 Spray Rack and 1 Drying Rack just last week and I’m already placing another order for another Drying Rack. It truly is everything you represented it to be. The Door Rack Painting System has paid for itself in it’s first job. My Painters thank you, My Clients thank you and we THANK YOU. We look forward to using your system on our job sites and expanding into more product in the very near future.”

Jordan, Signs of Success
March 28, 2014
Great idea jake

“I’m so glad I stumbled upon Jake’s great paint rack system, it can be used for painting signs just as well as doors. Great idea Jake!”

Varney Custom Painting
February 8, 2014

“These racks are easy to set up and great for small work spaces on job sites. We purchased 1 spray rack and 3 dry racks.

John Volk, Owner of John Volk Restoration, Inc
December 12, 2013
Your Door Rack System has cut our shop time almost in half.

Dear Jake,
“We wanted to take a moment of your time to thank you for inventing one of most impressive, time saving device perhaps, ever created in the painting industry. Your Door Rack System has cut our shop time almost in half.
We are a high end, Palm Beach, painting contracting company in business for 29 years. Believe us when we say we wish you had invented your Door Rack System, as many years ago, as we are in business, perhaps we would be retired by now!!
Your amazing product, follow through, timing, shipping and follow up, all come together like to a fine tuned Rolls Royce. Your product and your company are truly amazing and we look forward to trading with you for years to come.

With All Due Sincerity and With A Ton of Thanks Attached,”

Mike Clothier, Custom Home Services
December 9, 2013
I have just now ordered another set of drying racks

Hi Jake
“I ordered your door rack painting system a month or so ago, and have found this to be a very good product which has saved a lot of time painting cabinets in the field. I have just now ordered another set of drying racks from you, which I hope will save even more production time.

November 19, 2013
the Door Rack Painter has really helped our company in the production of our cabinet refinishing.

Dear Jake,
“Your invention of the Door Rack Painter has really helped our company in the production of our cabinet refinishing. We are very impressed with how it works and the time savings it offers, increased profitability to our company and ability to schedule more work in a year because of the system.

We are now ordering another set for expansion!
Thank you so much!”

Kelly S King
Kelly S. King Academy-Training Division
Tainted to Repainted-Cabinetry, Furniture and Walls Division
Omaha Painting Professionals-General Painting Division

November 14, 2013
What a great invention for painting cabinet doors

“Jake I think of your company every time I use your door rack system.
What a great invention for painting cabinet doors.”

September 26, 2013
it does wonderful job on my cabinet doors

Hi Jake,
“I try your rack in June and it does wonderful job on my cabinet doors without any mark and other thing that it does it save a lot of room in my shop when I varnish. That’s why I need another so I can use between my coat of varnish.”

Anders Norins Måleri AB
September 20, 2013
I use them all the time

“The racks are a great device. I use them all the time when spraying doors and cabinet doors. I really recommend this product!
P.S I have had a discussion with a man who is an old constructor who has build many things and he was certain that the racks would not work for large doors. But after painting his doors and showing him a photo of his doors on the rack he was very impressed!”

All the best,

Mark Hernandez, On the mark painting
September 12, 2013
I believe it cut my time in half from doing it the old way

“The drying racks and the spray rack were everything you said they would be and more.
I believe it cut my time in half from doing it the old way, standing doors to dry all around my spraying area.
I have already told other painters in the area that they should buy the racks.
It will be faster when I buy the other set of the racks cause I only bought the one rack set.
You’re a great guy and great customer service, look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Again thank you so much for helping me with all the questions I had.”

Mark Allen, Allen Painting Service
August 19, 2013
This is the best system for painting doors on the market

This is the best system for painting doors on the market. Have tried the boards on saw horses and paint one side one day and the other side the next. Tried the boards with nails or screws. To much touch up. This system eliminates the overs pray issue on the other side and can paint both sides in one day. We do a lot of painted and stained cabinets and the quality of the finish is excellent due to the fact you can spray the doors flat and no runs or sags and can get a factory looking finish in the field. We have had no touch up on the painted doors we just finished . I would recommend this to the serious contractor who wants to cut production time in over half the time and increase profits. IT WORKS.”

The Faux Pro
June 25, 2013
I’m loving my new cabinet door drying racks!

“I’m loving my new cabinet door drying racks! Painted front and backs
yesterdays first coat. Painted front and backs today – second coat. Will
glaze tomorrow and then topcoat. Now THAT’S production! Thanks for
making a great product!”

Stephen, Superior Strokes Painting
June 13, 2013
the Door Rack Painter system is by far the most cost and time efficient method I have used

“Hello. My name is Stephen and I own and operate Superior Strokes Painting out of Franklin, MA. I purchased the door rack system after watching a video on you tube. I have been painting cabinets for the past 6 years using a variety of methods for both painting and drying them. I have to say without a doubt that the Door Rack Painter system is by far the most cost and time efficient method I have used. The most recent cabinet job I did I used the system for the first time and have to say it was the best cabinet painting I have ever done thanks to your system.”

Steve, Procoat Painting
June 10, 2013
These racks are the best

“These racks are the best. I just ordered another dry rack because of the time they save me. Thanks Jake!”

Dave Mountain, Mountain Painting Company
January 30, 2013
amazing service and quality of your product

“Thanks Jake for the amazing service and quality of your product. After trying a few different programs and growing ever more frustrated and the lack of production I sawyour site on a painter blog. The system arrived complete and was easy to set up. From the first door we did I Would tell I had found our system for the future. Very minimal earning curve with your product. I liked it so much I just bought some more and would recommend each person buying it to get an extra set for Production purposes to facilitate movement. These racks and my HVLP can accomplish a lot in one day with no worry of touch up issues.
Thanks again.”

December 4, 2012
just want to say this is the most amazing, organized money saver

“I have just bought a spray rack and 18 cabinet door Dry storage rack from Door Painting System, just want to say this is the most amazing, organized money saver and worth every Pennie system.

Thanks to you Jake
I am a painter since 2002 and have not seeing anything like it.”

Joe Wood, Owner of J Wood Painting & Restoration
October 21, 2012
is an organized system that works in small areas

“Since we purchased the rack system last year, we found ourselves using it more and more. It is an organized system that works in small areas, which is key for the San Francisco homes where we work. I highly recommend this system for any painter – A professional solution!”

Best regards,

Jim Scanlan, Lookswell Painting,Inc.
October 18, 2012
The system saves time, money and a lot of space is not required as before.

“I bought the rack system about two months ago and have completed 3 cabinet door jobs since we have bought them. Like anybody, I was a little cautious in buying and did a lot of research with the help of the videos and pictures. I presented them to the painter in our company that mainly does our cabinet work, and he agreed to use them with some hesitation. When the job was completed, he was very pleased with the whole system and would highly recommend them based on the ease of painting and the time it saves.The system saves time, money and a lot of space is not required as before.”

Oak Forest IL.

Glenn P, Clean-State Painting
September 10, 2012

“Just wanted to say thanks for the door rack painter, the system is very easy to assemble and very easy to use. I use it for spraying Kitchen Cabinet Doors and it allows me to spray 2 sides at 1 time and storage rack holds many doors 15-18 (I think). I was doing 1 side at a time and storing doors to dry all over my basement. It was driving my wife crazy. Thanks!”

August 24, 2012
The racks did exactly what they claim

“I am Leo from Premier One Coating, two weeks ago I purchase several dry racks and one spray rack. I had a house full of cabinet doors in Palm Springs. I have to admit I was a little sceptical about this system, but after seeing the videos on YouTube I was willing to order the system. I was worried about marks from the paint or lacer on the doors from the aluminum racks. It only taken me a couple of minutes after setting up the racks to realize how easy and profitable this rack system is. Because of the racks angle, the door sits on the edge and therefore does not mark the doors. The racks did exactly what they claim, they make it easy to paint doors on both sides and store them wet on both sides. I been using many door painting systems over the years in business, but this one is by far the best and only system I will use from now on.”

Christopher, Dream Stone Creations
August 24, 2012
The system works great!

“After seeing the Door Rack System on line I was hesitant at first and went with another shelving unit for our cabinet refinishing projects. Recently we had a project come up that required more shelving than I had and a time frame that was short. I decided to take a chance and purchase the Door Rack System. To my relief the system works great. It does exactly what it says and got our project completed on time shaving off days what it would have normally have taken. I would recommend this to any professional who is looking to save a little time and money while maintaining a high quality finish.”

Hugo, Casillas Painting
August 20, 2012
It far exceeded my expectations

“One week ago I purchased the door rack system. It far exceeded my expectations and so I made the decision to purchase another dry rack so I can spray and dry additional cabinet doors. I can’t express how pleased I am with this product. The quality and customer service associated with the product have been exceptional. Most importantly, this product solves two major issues any painter faces while painting doors. I was able to paint both sides of the doors at the same time and not have a big drying storage problem . All of this makes my job as a painter more effective and efficient. I am very pleased with every aspect of this product and will highly recommend the system to other painting contractors.”

Matt Matt, Smolders Painting
August 7, 2012
I highly recommend the door rack painter

“I have painted many older kitchens over the last few years and Jake’s door rack painting system has helped resolve many time consuming problems. Drying the doors after washing them used to take hours, now takes but a few minutes on the drying rack. The ability to paint the doors both sides in one session is amazing. Jake’s system of carrying and storing the wet cupboards works extremely well. I thought it would take a
few projects to get used to but caught right on after painting just a couple of doors. The racks are well built and very sturdy. Dust getting in the finish has always been an issue but with these racks all the work is stored in a very small, neat space instead of all over the shop. I highly recommend the door rack painter as it is very easy to use, has increased my production by about half and also looks very professional to the customer”

S.R. Tracy, Inc
June 13, 2012
We absolutely love the ease of use and the quality of this system

“I just wanted to write to tell you that our painting company purchased two racks last year for our very busy spray shop. We absolutely love the ease of use and the quality of this system. It has made such a difference in our level of time and space. The system allows us to stack several at a time in a very small space to work much more efficiently than before. The cabinet door grip holders work so well in transporting the pieces without leaving any marks on the freshly painted surfaces.

Thank you so much! ~Painting

Clive, Pro Painting Corp.
March 29, 2012
Worth every Penny

“Worth every Penny if you are a painting contractor looking for factory finish results. Super time saver, space saver. Doors finish like glass because you can spray them flat. A must have for serious painting contractors.”

Frank Shic, Belle Cabinets
March 5, 2012
Actually made the finishing process fun!

“I was somewhat skeptical when i first saw this system but i took a chance after talking to the inventor who has apparently already tried many of the alternative methods of cabinet door finishing including vertical hanging systems utilizing eye hooks or 35 mm hinge hole hangers which leave you with a noticeable holes or shadow lines and horizontal spraying systems like nail boards or traditional drying racks that only allow you to spray one side at a time. i am pleased to say that my investment paid off and allowed me to finish an entire set of cabinet doors and drawer fronts for a large bathroom vanity project recently in only a few hours while keeping them organized in one place. i did notice some small indentations where the wood rested upon the aluminum rods but the average homeowner would most likely never pay attention to such a trivial defect and part of this was due to my heavy spraying of latex with an airless setup on the back side. i imagine that with an HVLP sprayer the marks could be diminished even more. jake’s method of flipping the door and moving the door from the spraying rack to the drying rack worked almost perfectly and actually made the finishing process fun! prior to this i was just laying the doors out over any available horizontal surface and it seemed to take forever finishing first one side and then the next. even the hook on the spraying rack shows the amount of forethought put the rack’s construction and really helps so you don’t have to drop the gun on the floor or rest on some temporary shelf just waiting for it to fall off and make a mess everywhere. lastly, you can nest the door rack and spray rack together so that they take up even less space once you’re done spraying. i’m only a part-time cabinetmaker so if you’re a professional i highly encourage you to consider the door rack
painter – the saving in time alone pays you back very quickly.”

February 25, 2012
I wish I would have known about this long ago.

“I bought the door rack painter and found that it went beyond my expectations as far as its ability to cut the time in more than half on the cabinet job I was involved in. I wish I would have known about this long ago. The door rack painter is a painter’s best friend and is a tool that should be in every serious painting contractor’s bag of tricks. I give door rack painter my highest recommendation; it’s an excellent product. Customer service was also impeccable. From the day I ordered the product, it arrived exactly when I was told, in perfect condition and ready to go.”

Emanuel, Martis Concepts, General Contractor
February 14, 2012
I will not take a cabinet job without using my DOOR RACK PAINTER system

“I came across this rack while thinking on my last cabinet job; There has to be a better and faster way to paint cabinet doors. And, AH HA! I found it. The DOOR RACK PAINTER! This rack is great. It takes up MINIMAL space on the job site, looks professional and cuts the time of job in half. Just purchased my second drying rack to take bigger cabinet jobs. I now look forward to cabinet jobs when they come my way. Before it was always a hassle to set up buckets and slats and wait around to allow for drying time. If you are looking to increase speed and quality BUY THIS RACK! The doors come out like they were sprayed in a booth. I was hesitant at first. But now I will not take a cabinet job without using my DOOR RACK PAINTER system”.

August 24, 2011
the best invention for professionals since the wheel

Door Rack Painter is a great product as a painting contractor for over thirty years i think this product is cuts my paint and dry time by 1/2 with no redues..the best invention for professionals since the wheel…”

Traditional Painter
August 24, 2011
They deliver worldwide too

“Doorrackpainter is probably the most practical as you can paint both sides of a door at one visit and rack em high with almost no contact points. Very low tech but good method. They deliver worldwide too”

John Warnock
August 24, 2011
Love this system

“Love this system makes coating cabinet doors so much easier. Nice and compact easy to move from job to job love it, don’t know how I survived before I had them!”

July 21, 2011
It paid itself in a first couple of jobs

Review: “I bought a set of spray rack and cabinet door dryer rack a couple of years ago. It paid itself in a first couple of jobs. I ordered a second dryer rack, it is much easier to assemble than the first one. I’m happy with it.”

May 27, 2011
I thought the system is a little expensive at first but its well worth it

“It’s a very good system to spray doors and cabinet doors. The system will save you a lot of times. No more worry about fixing drips and runs because the doors just lay flat. I thought the system is a little expensive at first but its well worth it
after I realized the potentials.”

Gary McGee, Custom Painting Inc.
April 18, 2010
Once again this a very simple and easy to use system

“After delaying for years in getting, or making a spray and dry rack system. Continuing to spray on sawhorses and planks. I researched the different models available on the Internet and decided on Jake’s Door Rack painter system. I am very glad I did for number of reasons. Jake’s looks simple and it is! It is easy to set up, move around and store. It takes one time to use to implement your own way of use. To Help first time users out, before use, tape or lacquer the ends of the aluminum rods on the drying rack holders. This will eliminate black marks on enameled woodwork. Once again this a very simple and easy to use system. Quick set up and take down. Would you want anything else?”