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Great Concept!

This is the fifth purchase I have the heavy door painting system and three spray racks with four drying racks.
I am looking forward to buying the 30 door drying rack once the new spray shop is complete.
Keep up the great innovation!
Spectrum WallCo Painting, LLC

Lunenburg, MA

March 10, 2022

Awesome Tool

Door Rack Painter is an awesome tool to help me get my cabinets done quickly and efficiently with room to work on my job site. Jake the owner made it very easy for me to purchase these and actually took a phone call from me and walk me through the process. Thank you so much Jake you’re awesome!


Baywood Painting Services

Grover Beach, California

March 6, 2022

This is a phenomenal system that we recommend highly

Our crew loved using the 18-door rack so much that we decided to order a second one. It is extremely easy to assemble and has helped cut down on drying time significantly. In addition to the fantastic product, the customer service from Door Rack Painter is second to none. This is a phenomenal system that we recommend highly.


Natural Elements Painting

Alachua, Florida

February 15, 2022

30 Cabinet Door Dry Rack, Saves Me Time And Money.

Just a great help? , it is the best thing I have seen.

Angelo's Painting, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania


January 18, 2022

Game Changer

[Door Rack Painter] Customer Reviews
I own a small cabinet refinishing shop in the Tampa bay area. We do 75 kitchens per year and growing. I originally purchased two racks and a turntable spray deck to get started 3 years ago. Soon found out that I needed to add 3 more racks to be able to do 2 kitchens at a time spraying both sides wet. Without Door Rack Painter‘s rack system I would only be able to do half the amount of work I’m able to produce now. Jake the owner is very knowledgeable, and I am very satisfied with him and his company on their customer service as you speak to the owner when you call which is outstanding. Doug Hyland Dramatic Design & Decor LLC. 727-946-2671


Dramatic Design and Decor LLC


January 11, 2022

Customer Service & a product that is well designed

I paint cabinets for a local paint company and use this system at work and like the system design and its use. Over the course of multiple jobs, I can see how well and much these help so I purchased the 18 count drying rack for my home use. Upon delivery and assembly, I didn't realize the racks had been updated for even better functionality, so after I had assembled mine I thought I had an incorrect set. Jake puts his business card in the package, which at first I thought was just a simple thank you, but it turns out that when I called to discuss what I thought was an issue. Jake called me back, on a day they were closed (Friday after Thanksgiving) to politely talk through the new design and why the Door Rack Painter system was updated. A very clever new feature to solve a problem with an older design. The racks can now accommodate small/narrower doors than before. The uprights used to be of the same width which prohibited them from being within a closer distance, but now one rack is slightly narrower so it can slide into the wider width in sort of an overlapping fashion like a pocket. If you've used the older version, you would know how nice this feature is. You can paint and dry both sides of narrow cabinet drawer fronts all the way up to regular sized doors such as a bathroom door or even a front door. I also own a competitor's dry rack system and it's more of a shelf design which cannot accept anything of a smaller size and is limited to one side paint and dry only. Having the Door Rack Painter system versus the competitors, allows me to turn out a better product in shorter time! I also refinish front doors and French doors, etc. These racks allow me the flexibility to use for those as well. Not just cabinets. I can stain and then apply a topcoat while the door sits on the same rack without messing up the finish that I've worked so diligently on. Thank you personally to Jake for calling me back to help me understand the update and for having this helpful system! I actually need to buy another set for a cabinet job this week.

Michael St. Louis, MO December 2, 2021

The Best way to paint Doors

We have Purchased from Jake the owns Door Rack Painters. These products are the best thing we ever did to expand our business and save time. Not only saving time which is money, Jake has been hands on and has helped us out with any question we had. Where do you find that type of personal customer service. Since our first purchase we have made several more purchases of this great products. We are ready in the near future to purchase more! Thank you again Jake! I wish we purchase much sooner and was well worth purchasing and will pay for itself, so pull the trigger and purchases these great ways to save time! Which will make you more money. 💵💰🤑 We now have two 30 rack dyers on 18 rack dyer and two 360 paint racks

Doug Exton, PA November 26, 2021

Very Satisfied Customer, Worth Every Penny

We have used these racks for 4 years now! And man, they have been more than a blessing for me and for customers! Helps us as a company to get the job done right and in a much quicker time! Wouldn’t change these racks for anything else. And worth every penny! Thank you again, Jake!

Franco Construction                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Victorville, CA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           



November 3, 2021

Game changer in our tenant improvement plan

We have the 30-door system with the rotating spray rack and it has been a game changer in our tenant improvement plan. Gone are the sawhorses with old door lined up, spraying one side at a time, waiting and flipping. With this system, we can roll up to a unit, pull all the doors, and get them refinished in a single go in record time, flipping the unit back to ready quicker than ever while making it look great. Customer service is top notch too. Jake is prompt to respond to any questions and handled my issue (our own fault, not an issue with the product) super quick and saved our $$$. We continue to find innovative uses for the system as well. From cabinet doors (and drawers too!), to shelving, to doors, and even trim, this rack has been versatile. It also is able to be broken down and transported quickly and easily, and set up in various configurations to suit your needs. I even caught my wife drying her artwork on it. In the end, if you work maintenance for a property and need to spray or even roll paint, this is a great system for you.

Josh Obelenus Property Maintenance, Morlan Properties, Central Ohio October 2, 2021

Cut my production time in half

These racks are phenomenal, I’ve been so successful with this system. Cut my production time in half. Thx Jake, your truly a pro!! Robert Baywoodpainting, central coast Cali.

Robert Hosey Grover Beach CA September 28, 2021

Many jobs done successfully with door rack painter!

I’ve been using the 30 door rolling Dry racks and turn table with great success. I was using a hanging system for many years but I find this takes up much less space. Saves time, and allows you to put a heavier final coat on. I find the system truly invaluable to my business.

Karen Hernandez Owner Karen’s Custom Cabinets SLO County, CA August 12, 2021

Great addition to our shop

This dry rack is a must if you are refinishing cabinets it will save you loads of time when doing any job big to small. We bought the 30 door dry rack and could not be happier with it (our second rack system) on top of the outstanding product the customer service is outstanding I placed my order at 11am picked up locally by 3 and had it put together by 4:00 and ready to use.

Jose Refinisher Best Coat Painting, San Diego August 5, 2021

Saves so much time and easy to use.

I love this so much, I had to order another! Saves so much time and easy to use.

Lee iPowerClean West Dundee, IL June 15, 2021

I think this rack is a must-have for all professional painters

I bought the 18 door drying rack and my guys thought it was great. The rack makes it so easy to paint both sides of the door at the same time. I decided to buy the 30 door rack since the other one worked so well. I think this rack is a must-have for all professional painters. Thank you Jake for inventing this simple, yet very functional tool!
Nice Angle Painting

February 21, 2021

This system works and increases margins

I’ve bought several cabinet drying racks over the last few years for my cabinet refinishing/reface business. Jake has always been more than helpful and communicates well with clients per service and process. This system works and increases margins. There’s value and savings in buying his thought-out fabricated system vs trying to create your own if your time is worth any money.

Resort Renovations Destin, FL. February 17, 2021

Wonder how you lived without these

We don’t have a spray shop, so having a way to spray cabinets and save space is truly a must. The owner is very helpful, the product is of high quality, and you will marvel at the ease of use of the dry racks. What a space saver.... You truly can spray both sides of the doors, you’ll make your money back on the first or second job, wonder how you lived without these, and never look back!
Roy Schneeberger

Bill Schneeberger Painting Northbrook, Illinois February 12, 2021

Worthy Investment

The Door Rack is essential. We bought two drying racks and a spray rack back in 2017. We were tired of working with other, less effective systems. These racks have been utilized on so many jobs now. We use them on-site and in the shop, and we realized we needed more. We just purchased another dry rack and the spinning spray rack. The rack system we bought back in 2017 is still working like new the system has had a few updates, but the overall utility remains excellent for our cabinet painting needs. After perfecting this system's operation and a few extra tricks of the trade, we can finish a beautiful set of 40-50 cabinet doors and drawers in 24 working hours, with sanding cleaning, one primer coat, and three finish coats on both sides. I won’t be surprised if we buy more in the future. The portability, simplicity, and efficiency of this system are amazing enough to justify the purchase. The customer service and labor-saving money-making effectively make it a no brainer. Thank you

Megna Painting Business Manager Madison WI January 15, 2021

Door Racks

I cannot say enough about this door rack system. I have the 18 door rack, the rotating spray rack, and two 30 door racks. They are the best!!

Corrie Leister Pennsylvania January 12, 2021

Great tools for beautiful finishes

I have used these spray and drying racks for a couple of years now and they have paid for themselves time and time again! We use them on a daily basis and everything is holding up great. Awesome products, you won’t regret you buying decision, I guarantee it.

Asa Davis President Davis Custom Finishes Inc., Tennessee December 18, 2020

Excellent Product

  1. We have been using the Door Rack Painter system for over 5 years now. The racks are excellent for consolidating cabinet drawers and doors, especially on larger projects. Highly recommend.

Oskar TJ Painting in New Jersey November 3, 2020

Door Racks

Excellent product! We've purchased several set's over the the years and will soon upgrade to the 30 door rack. The system allows us to produce incredible finishes in very a confined space. We use them for both cabinet doors and 30/6.8 hollow core doors, you could probably go larger without any issues. The key is the ability to load material e.g cross hatch application at near package consistency netting a a high build finish in 1/3 of the time. Factor in your doing both sides at once and using the doorracks system just gets better and better.

D. Swanson November 1, 2020

Cabinet Door Rack Painter combo

I first purchased a regular spray rack and 18 door dry rack 5 years ago, time went by and the jobs got bigger so I purchased another 18 door dry rack and now jobs are overlapping so I purchased another spray rack/dry rack combo to do multiple jobs consecutively. Low tech high production great product. Jake is always helpful when I call. Way to GO !!!

Larry the Painter ! Spectrum WallCo Painting LLC October 22, 2020

Used for years

We have been using these for years. Everyone we expand we search the market for the best systems and we always come back to the door rack painter!

Chad Macpherson October 7, 2020

Very convenient, speeds up dry times

Very convenient, speeds up dry times and you don’t need as much space to get the job done we love them. We have about 5 sets of these and they work great.

Rob Pooley September 27, 2020

I do want to say the customer service I received was top-notch!

I’ve not yet used my door rack as I just received it. But I do want to say the customer service I received was top-notch! I had issues with Amazon and Jake the rep that helped me navigate through the process of reordering was fantastic. So far I couldn’t be happier with this awesome company!
Pro Touch Painting

September 12, 2020

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