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This looks like a better mousetrap

This looks like a better mousetrap
April 19, 2019

Door Rack Painter

This looks like a better mousetrap for your woodshop, HVLP, spray gun, super sweet work guys. If you need to pile up cabinet doors or parts for drying Door Rack Painter gets some solid reviews on their website along with some posted videos here.

With the Door Rack Painter for cabinet doors, you can paint both sides of the doors at once and get a horizontal finish (thank you gravity). Door Rack Painter says it solves storage problems too by condensing the area required to store multiple doors.

You don’t have to install anything like brackets, hooks, or hangers, saving time. And it makes you (and your shop and your customers) look more dialed-in. Because you are. Don’t believe me? Check out our piece on trailer organization here.

The Heavy Door Painting System enables you to paint, stack, and dry up to ten doors. And I like that the site is crammed with videos and how-to instructions.

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