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Actually made the finishing process fun!

Actually made the finishing process fun!
Walnut Creek, CA
March 5, 2012

“I was somewhat skeptical when i first saw this system but i took a chance after talking to the inventor who has apparently already tried many of the alternative methods of cabinet door finishing including vertical hanging systems utilizing eye hooks or 35 mm hinge hole hangers which leave you with a noticeable holes or shadow lines and horizontal spraying systems like nail boards or traditional drying racks that only allow you to spray one side at a time. i am pleased to say that my investment paid off and allowed me to finish an entire set of cabinet doors and drawer fronts for a large bathroom vanity project recently in only a few hours while keeping them organized in one place. i did notice some small indentations where the wood rested upon the aluminum rods but the average homeowner would most likely never pay attention to such a trivial defect and part of this was due to my heavy spraying of latex with an airless setup on the back side. i imagine that with an HVLP sprayer the marks could be diminished even more. jake’s method of flipping the door and moving the door from the spraying rack to the drying rack worked almost perfectly and actually made the finishing process fun! prior to this i was just laying the doors out over any available horizontal surface and it seemed to take forever finishing first one side and then the next. even the hook on the spraying rack shows the amount of forethought put the rack’s construction and really helps so you don’t have to drop the gun on the floor or rest on some temporary shelf just waiting for it to fall off and make a mess everywhere. lastly, you can nest the door rack and spray rack together so that they take up even less space once you’re done spraying. i’m only a part-time cabinetmaker so if you’re a professional i highly encourage you to consider the door rack
painter – the saving in time alone pays you back very quickly.”

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