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Cabinet Racks

Cabinet Racks
Baltimore, MD
September 11, 2016

We have used the system twice. Both times we were pleased with the results. The first time we used an airless and Jake was correct that the amount of over spray would require us to move the spray rack or the paper several times due to the build up.

I purchased a Titan CapSpray HVLP for the next project and paint waste was minimal with adequate millage on the cabinet door face. We did notice however that the cabinet boxes were had more sheen than the doors. My guys thinned the oil base with thinner so the paint would go thru the cup gun better. This cut the sheen. I told my crew foreman to thin the material with penetrol next time to see if the sheen would remain constant from sprayed doors to the brushed cabinet boxes.

Overall we are pleased with the system and continuing to perfect the use of the system. Definitely a buy in my opinion!

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