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Game changer in our tenant improvement plan

Game changer in our tenant improvement plan
Central Ohio
October 2, 2021

We have the 30-door system with the rotating spray rack and it has been a game changer in our tenant improvement plan. Gone are the sawhorses with old door lined up, spraying one side at a time, waiting and flipping. With this system, we can roll up to a unit, pull all the doors, and get them refinished in a single go in record time, flipping the unit back to ready quicker than ever while making it look great. Customer service is top notch too. Jake is prompt to respond to any questions and handled my issue (our own fault, not an issue with the product) super quick and saved our $$$. We continue to find innovative uses for the system as well. From cabinet doors (and drawers too!), to shelving, to doors, and even trim, this rack has been versatile. It also is able to be broken down and transported quickly and easily, and set up in various configurations to suit your needs. I even caught my wife drying her artwork on it. In the end, if you work maintenance for a property and need to spray or even roll paint, this is a great system for you.