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I highly recommend the door rack painter

I highly recommend the door rack painter
Blenheim, Canada
August 7, 2012

“I have painted many older kitchens over the last few years and Jake’s door rack painting system has helped resolve many time consuming problems. Drying the doors after washing them used to take hours, now takes but a few minutes on the drying rack. The ability to paint the doors both sides in one session is amazing. Jake’s system of carrying and storing the wet cupboards works extremely well. I thought it would take a
few projects to get used to but caught right on after painting just a couple of doors. The racks are well built and very sturdy. Dust getting in the finish has always been an issue but with these racks all the work is stored in a very small, neat space instead of all over the shop. I highly recommend the door rack painter as it is very easy to use, has increased my production by about half and also looks very professional to the customer”

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