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Quality Product and Quality Vendor

Quality Product and Quality Vendor
June 5, 2019

After trying to deal with painting a 100-pound door, I started searching for a better way to do it. The goal is to paint BOTH sides of a door in a TIMELY and SAFE manner, meaning minimizing handling and maintaining the best orientation to avoid runs, etc.
There is no other product that meets this goal, only the Heavy Door System from DoorRackPainter. Such a well-executed solution.
But it’s not just the product, Jake will stand behind his product. When I asked a question via email, I received back an answer that you don’t see anymore. If I had any issues over my purchase, he told me to not open it and send it back for a full refund. His integrity and belief in his products are strong and rare.
It was a pleasant surprise in today’s world.
And I love the simplicity of the Heavy Door System!

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